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  1. Hope nobody's order is delayed (train carrying new Jeeps derails)

    Probably a bad weld at the track bar bracket.
  2. First video surfaces of the JL that ran over a woman at EJS

    It's likely either the original recording, or it was the original file sent via email seeing as they are watching it in Windows photo viewer, so it doesn't appear to have been uploaded to a video hosting site anywhere yet. Something about this whole thing is weird being that it happened over a...
  3. First video surfaces of the JL that ran over a woman at EJS

    We can only speculate with the lack of info we've had on this for a solid month. My best educated guess is that he was in 4H -- not unreasonable since he had just come off the Golden Spike Safari Route a few yards away, which is very smooth and flat and can be driven on in 2H for the most part...
  4. Hi-Lift vs Bottle Jack off-road?

    Yep, they're good as a makeshift manual winch if you don't have an electric, and if you have the proper attachment points, you can go in any direction. They're still useful in a pinch if you don't have a bottle jack or need enough space to change out a coil spring, but a bit more prone to...
  5. First video surfaces of the JL that ran over a woman at EJS

    Just looks like articulation from the driver tire dropping into that gap between the rocks. With enough force though, that could have bent the factory tie rod and made steering...interesting...during his Leeroy Jenkins moment.
  6. First video surfaces of the JL that ran over a woman at EJS

    Yeah, I don't think anything failed in this case (only that it could be a situational possibility due to having a locked wheel in that rocky rut) and even if it did, that doesn't explain the complete lack of brake lights -- which would be more than visible, since he did a fancy LED upgrade.
  7. 99' Wrangler Sport Bucking and Shaking

    I'd guess either the fuel pump is starting to go or a damaged ECU (rare, but it happens).
  8. First video surfaces of the JL that ran over a woman at EJS

    No, but sudden acceleration can cause broken steering, and that front end looks pretty stock. Not that the factory design/parts aren't sufficient in most cases, but in places like Moab, one should probably be upgrading critical components before worrying about decals and weapons mounts.
  9. Does the Gladiator seem just 'meh' to anyone else?

    It's just an overpriced JLU with a bed and a goofy wheelbase; they didn't even change the interior. I'd rather have an old Comanche or FSJ to build on. You'll see more of these things in Home Depot parking lots than you will on the trails. Fiat's really catering to the faux-wheelers more than...
  10. Hi-Lift vs Bottle Jack off-road?

    A hi-lift is more useful as a makeshift winch for lifting your rig off/over/around/out of an obstacle; I'll use a bottle jack for pretty much everything else.
  11. Manual or Automatic for Offroading

    Exactly, the torque converter acts like a temporary gear ratio reducer until you get moving, and sometimes the difference between traction and spinning might be less than 100 RPM. Also factor in trail in the PNW there's lots of steep, muddy, rocky, off-camber hills. Ever try...
  12. 'em

    Just turned 1...hamming it up at the local doggie store.
  13. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    @zeech Oh, you're right, I hadn't seen that angle yet. The flatness of the satellite pics really compresses a lot of the edges so it's tough to be certain. That sandwich rock looks a lot smoother from the aerial shots and more recessed away from its neighbor where the JL actually ended up.
  14. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    I think that was me unless someone else yoinked it and posted it somewhere else. Included the red and blue areas that were in accordance with the other pic on here: Interesting to see the 'designated' path marked by the tire rubber and how following it instead would have made this incident...