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  1. New York SOLD Rubicon Fender Flares w/ LED Lights - Textured Black

    so this is still available? You can do the fender flares only with liners and without the lights for 100 correct?
  2. The great octane debate: 2.0 Turbo owners - What grade gas do you use?

    Any turbo engine needs higher octane gas for peak performance. Dealer told me regular was ok....Nope. Switched o 93 octane and never looked back. Engine gives you that spirited turbo whistle that I personally love.
  3. M220 Axle on my JLUS by mistake!

    I bought it off the lot. It's an auto with the turbo. Just found out that is has the anti slip and dana 44 rear. I guess I will just listen and wait....??? Its only got 4k miles
  4. M220 Axle on my JLUS by mistake!

    I do not have limited slip but I do have the m220 axle on the build sheet. I hope they corrected it as well. I just bought this in May of 2020.
  5. M220 Axle on my JLUS by mistake!

    I thought I saw you earlier on the thread. Did you run into issues with your rear m220? If so what mileage did it happen and what year is yours? I wonder why they gave me this huge axle with limited slip without me asking or paying for it???
  6. M220 Axle on my JLUS by mistake!

    I didn’t see you on the thread parts I read. Did it happen to you? What year JL do you have? It may be something that takes some miles to develop. I wonder if the dealer would open it up and look on my first oil change to get ahead of it.
  7. M220 Axle on my JLUS by mistake!

    I wonder if this is an issue with the 2018’s? Most of the people on the poster I read were from first year JLs
  8. M220 Axle on my JLUS by mistake!

    I totally received the same thing! This is amazing but I'm not completely sure what this all means. I went to the FCA lookup link and typed in my VIN. It says I have a Dana M220 Rear Axle and a Dana M186 Front axle with "Conventional Diff" What does this mean?
  9. Fuel | gas tank capacity !

    21.5 gallons on my 2020 jlu sport 2.0 liter turbo
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Over the weekend me and @Roky put on a Rubicon suspension takeoff with some 3/4 fishbone spacers all around and 1/2 Teraflex spacers in the front. Turned out that because the rear springs were the highest number (91-92) I ended up with a 1 inch rake or more in the rear. Just yesterday a guy...
  11. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator

    Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather keep my $40 bolt on mirrors from Amazon. $295?? Are they drunk? Soon they will wise up and make the mirrors already attached to the frame instead of the door. I don’t like the Bronco but this is one way that Ford could be helping Jeep to make some minor upgrades...
  12. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    The first pics are after adding the rubicon suspension and spacers and the final three pics are before the upgrade.
  13. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    I just wanted to say how helpful this thread has been to my build and how awesome the Jeep community is in general! My buddy and I just installed the rubicon takeoff suspension with 3/4 inch Fishbone spacers all around and 1/2 Teraflex spacer in the front. ROKY is the man! He opened up his...
  14. JL Wrangler vs Bronco rigs side by side look

    To me it looks so TAME compared to how rugged the Jeep looks. The Bronco looks like an SUV that's trying to transition into an off road beast. The Jeep looks and is so much more rugged looking and raw. I like that they've kept that look with the fenders and grill while still adapting the...
  15. Sting Grey Jeep Build

    Sting Grey Jeep Build

  16. Help!!!!! Tampa Florida RC lift Install

    I am looking to learn the ways of the Jeep Jedi master. I am new to the Jeep world and want to learn as I build my rig. I just bought my first lift which is a rough country 2.5 inch spacer lift with a 1/2 inch front spacer add on. It is going into my 2020 sport jlu. I am asking for someone with...
  17. Stacking spacers on stock jeep

    I am about to order the rough country 2.5 inch spacer lift. Which has the shock extensions and everything else. I am wanting to add another 1/2 inch spacer to the front and back from teraflex to level out my front and rear heavy bumpers. This is a stock JLU sport 2020 4 cyl. Does anyone see a...
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Citrus trails in Withlacoochee state forest near central Florida!!
  19. Florida 2019 Rubicon Suspension

    Can you send me some pics? I just got new wheels and tires so I’m good there. Did your rubi have steel bumpers and or tow package?
  20. Florida 2019 Rubicon Suspension

    Is this still available?? I’m interested