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  1. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    Thanks. I have a ground tent for the tough to access spots--and I have a Winnebago Hike Trailer for base camp. I am looking at picking up a Roam Vagabond to replace the ground tent.
  2. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    I’ve never had the two door, but I was itching for more space in my JLUR when camping. My JT is perfect for overlanding and multi day camping trips and I wouldn’t go back. Between firewood, water, gear, etc, I would never trade the space my gladiator provides to downsize to a two door. Plus, my...
  3. Airing up tires after off roading?

    I plan on installing an ARB onboard air in my jeep now--but for those saying the portable ones often lack reliability and durability, I'll have you know I bought a Master Flow MF-1050 in September of 2015 for $59 and that bad boy still works. It sits in a crate in the back of my jeep for over 5...
  4. Engo 10k XR installed on the Gladiator

    Damn. Wrong forum--this should have been on gladiator forum. Nonetheless--same concept. Enjoy. /smh.
  5. Engo 10k XR installed on the Gladiator

    We used the JCR Winch plate. I haven't test it yet but the install was a breeze. I did need to go pick up a new 1/2" crow foot wrench to access the ground nut on the bottom. That was a tight fit. I plan to add the Warn Power Interrupt kit this weekend. I'll post pics of that install when completed.
  6. Replacing bent bow arm on Soft Top

    Did you have a part number?
  7. Feedback on Redarc ToPro Elite trailer brake controller?

    Not plug and play when I did it last summer. You need to get an adapter, and that adapter has to have two wires switched for it to work properly. I got the 3024 harness, swapped the two wires, and it works amazing. The only downside is the manual trailer brake button doesn't illuminate your...
  8. Mopar lift issue - dealer install

    PS--Just found a pic of it. This is when they had it on the wrong side. It kept getting worse and worse.
  9. Mopar lift issue - dealer install

    This exact same thing happened to me. Yes--you want them to switch them. Your coil will rub when you are off road, especially if your sway bars are disco'd. One of the springs is designed to have some curvature, but you need it on the correct side. They put mine on backwards and it wasn't...
  10. Broken soft top lift arm assembly

    I also need one of these. Did you find anywhere to get them less expensive ?
  11. Legal in NM, CO, UT, and WY???

    I bet you’ll be just fine! Enjoy your time here.
  12. Legal in NM, CO, UT, and WY???

    Not a bad idea! I get down there about 10x a year and I’ve never had any issues with it on any of my Jeeps, even my last one which had tires sticking our fairly far. But, to answer OPs questions, he’ll be kidding himself if he doesn't think UHP . They are everywhere—even in Moab. Most, and I...
  13. Legal in NM, CO, UT, and WY???

    I’ve lived here 15 years. People get pulled over for no mud flaps on modified jeeps. Like I said, it’s not often, but go check the local Facebook groups. You’ll see it a few times per year—and those are just the people who are vocal. Mostly highway patrol—not usually city police.
  14. Legal in NM, CO, UT, and WY???

    There are so many Jeeps here in Utah with lifts and tires that go beyond the fenders without mud flaps. Every once in awhile you’ll hear of someone getting pulled over for it, but not too often. Usually highway patrol, but, again, not that common.
  15. GAIA (With Offroad Navigation) for CarPlay is finally live!

    Which map were you using? You could try to find GPX files of the trails and overlay it on a satellite map.
  16. Pulled over.

    This is one of the reasons I went with the AEV wheels for JL—they have an offset where they just barely stick out and it’s not very noticeable. It looks flush with the fenders. 4.5” backspacing was popular on the JKs, but on these wider axle JL rubicons , it would sit too far out. I think the...
  17. GAIA (With Offroad Navigation) for CarPlay is finally live!

    I do want to call out one thing about the potential benefit of keeping your iPad. The car play app is awesome as it is, but, if I want to see the data as in elevation, change layers, add waypoints, etc, I still need to use my phone. so, is it awesome? Yes! But, the CarPlay app does have some...
  18. GAIA (With Offroad Navigation) for CarPlay is finally live!

    GAIA itself isn’t maps. You can choose which map works best for you. It’s as accurate as your selected map and your gps on your phone. In the photo I posted, I pre downloaded the National Geographic maps which come with Gaia premium ($39/annually.) I also downloaded as backup the satellite maps...