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  1. Sky Power Top removal question

    I saw a video where a guy regularly removes his just like the standard hard top but I cannot find it again. I have the SOT and worry about it leaking and squeaking if I remove it and reinstall it.
  2. Magnetic Body Armor Kit - JL

    I've seen a post about a roll-on plastic/vinyl film that peels off after use. It would be a pain using it every time you go on the trail but if it lasts a few weeks, it may be worth the headache...
  3. Remote Engine Start Possible with One Touch Sky Roof?

    I have remote start with Sky One Touch (Automatic Transmission).
  4. Remote Start suggestions w/ Manual trans and Smartphone?

    That price sounds about right. I added extra sensors and functions. I tested mine from Singapore and Australia. It started every time and I could monitor it if my wife drove it anywhere. I really liked it. It’s expensive but you’ll appreciate it once you get used to it. I would maybe look at...
  5. Remote Start suggestions w/ Manual trans and Smartphone?

    That is the one I had. The app functionality is similar to the Uconnect except it works. You can start, stop and track it. It alerts you if the alarm goes off. You will still need to fob present in the Jeep to start it.
  6. Remote Start suggestions w/ Manual trans and Smartphone?

    I used the Viper system with the app for remote starting. The fob can be used but isn't necessary. It worked very well and can be upgraded to your liking with various sensors. Out of curiosity, I asked the installer if it can be used for manuals and he said yes and there is a way to do it so it...
  7. Sun shades for sky one touch roofs

    This is a fantastic instruction guide. Thank you very much for creating it. I'm on the fence between Alienshade and Spiderwebshade because I wasn't sure about the front bungees. This certainly helps.
  8. Sun shades for sky one touch roofs

    How did you connect the front straps at the windshield?
  9. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    Spiderwebshade also makes a shade for the SOT. I haven't ordered it yet but I will soon.
  10. JL Assembly - kinda cool

    I have now seen the ultimate hard top hoist.
  11. Grab Handles for Power Top?

    Mopar JK handles.
  12. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    I was referring to the rear seatbelt flapping as well as the front ones. The Walmart seatbelt is basically the same thing from spiderwebshade...
  13. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Most of the sunshade vendors sell a silencer. You can also go to Walmart or other retailers and get the seat belt cushions that velcro on and put them where the straps flap. It worked well for mine. The rear passenger flaps on the 2 and 4 door models tend to flap as well.
  14. Sky One-Touch roof - Water in roof/roll bar

    I have one in on my JL in Houston. It's really hot with high humidity. I haven't had any issues cooling with the AC. I usually use remote start a few minutes before if it's been in the sun. No leaks yet either.
  15. Patrick's Moab

    Patrick's Moab

  16. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    I saw a video (and cannot find it again anywhere but I swear I watched it) of a guy who takes his off just like a hard top. I would be too afraid to do it as I may not get it aligned properly causing leaks. He also said there were 20 bolts so it was a little more time consuming.
  17. Passenger front window exploded

    I read a fairly long thread about sudden temperature changes. If you were at the beach all day with the sun heating the glass then started the AC with a vent blowing on the window, maybe the sudden temperature change could have caused this.
  18. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    I have one and it's great. No leaks or noises. The road noise isn't any louder than other JK's I've had with a hard top or soft top. It's so convenient to push a button to open the top. I also used to get out on the trails and mud in mine but don't anymore so it was a good choice for me.
  19. Sky-One - loud rattles in roof over Passenger/Driver Door!

    Click on this link: @JeepCares and it will pull up an information window. There is an option to PM them there.
  20. Sky one touch

    They have several types of protectors but the one I use is for marine vinyl, leather, plastic.