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  1. Having my Jeep serviced at a Toyota dealership

    Unless it is for warranty purposes no one touches my baby but me because I don’t trust anyone at the stealership
  2. Which Hood Lock?

    Mopar hood lock all the way the fit and finish are excellent plus the added bonus of just one key to keep up with was important to me and also the installation was a breeze I wish the hood lock was standard equipment and just my 2 cents get the keyed gas cap as well for total protection
  3. OIL change on 2021 Jeep Wrangler after 5,400 mile trip

    You are about to open Pandora’s box but as far as my 2020 rubicon I changed the oil and filter at 1,000 miles with amsoil oil and filter and plan on using the oil life meter for future oil changes but as long as you use a good quality oil and filter and don’t go over 10,000 miles you will be ok...
  4. Driving at night with the LED Package

    I know this discussion is about led lights but I even get flashed in my stock rubicon with halogen headlights now that I have installed the silverstar ultra bulbs because the factory halogen lights are useless and could probably see more with two candles mounted on the hood
  5. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Let me start off by saying I have a stock rubicon in Tennessee and where I live there’s no snobs here. All of us have much respect for everyone’s rig even though my rubicon is a mall crawler the reason I bought a rubicon is because I wanted to keep this rig stock because I learned the (Just...
  6. Rain Gutter Fix

    Just put on a set of egr matte black ventvisors on a 2020 rubicon and no more water coming inside it runs off the visors not the best fix but I planned on installing them anyway
  7. More than a vehicle it is a culture

    With all of the focus on the new Ford Bronco I wander how many people remember why ford made the bronco in the first place it was to compete with the Jeep and here we go for round two but let’s remember that Jeep never discontinued any of its models and I think I know why and if I have to...