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  1. Flag holder?

    That's the one I started with. It does not fit a JL factory hinge. See above. Not sure about JK or non standard hinges.
  2. Best Front Bumper for $500?

    Just ordered this one from Quadratec!
  3. Flag holder?

    Thanks, but I think I'd be limited to a whip type flag pole with that mount. I found this one..... the mounting surface seems wider, thus will span the raised portion of the hinge. We'll see.....
  4. Flag holder?

    Has anyone come across a decent hinge mounted flag holder? The one I got from AZ does not sit flush on the factory hinge. The gap leaves a path for corrosion.
  5. Replacement Halo Headlights flicker

    Just wondering if you found a solution. I've been shopping for LED halos for my sport S (non DRL). The problems and confusing set-ups I'm reading in these forums here have me re-thinking. I just want simple & reliable.
  6. Removed Euro bumper Gap filler

    I get it, but I just didn't like the look of everything exposed. I followed a couple of older posts and cut out a cover from the existing euro fillers. Using a dremel tool, I'd say it came out fair. I also put the chin spoiler back in place. It's all for naught if I add steel bumpers, but...
  7. Removed Euro bumper Gap filler

    I removed the 2 euro fillers and chin wind deflector from my Sport. I like the gap now, but not sure I like the exposed hardware and wiring. Someone had posted that they trimmed the filler to allow for the gap, but cover the back of the bumper. Anyone else do that? Or just leave it as is?
  8. Embroidered Logo on console cover

    I just received a set of seat covers from I'd love have a logo embroidered on the leather console cover. I was hoping to use one of these Jeep logos but the shops I've spoken to have Trademark concerns. I get it, but does anyone have any other suggestions for a neat symbol...
  9. 1941

    Since our JL's are covered with neat little 1941 Jeep silhouettes, I thought this photo would be cool.
  10. Quadratec Pre-Runner Lights Questions

    For what it's worth, my Quadratec pre-runner lights work fine. No DRLs on my Sport, but the lights come on ok with the automatic headlights. As an aside, I didn't like the way they install in the JL. It requires cutting into the plastic mesh behind the grill. The rubber grommet on the...
  11. Bungee tool?

    Found it. White strap at about 1:40 on this vid. Alien Sunshade Jeep Wrangler JL & JLU JLF Front Shade Installation Video - YouTube

    For what it's worth, Katzkin no longer sells direct to users. Have to go through an installation shop. I went ahead and ordered a set from LS.Com.
  13. Bungee tool?

    Thanks, but no, I lowered the windshield to get around the frame. Sore fingers, yup! I swear there was some sort of tool I used last year that made installation easier.
  14. Bungee tool?

    Does anyone still have their mesh top bungee TOOL? Can't find mine, want to see what it looked like. Spent too much time skinning my knuckles while wrestling with these damn cords. Thanks...

    Anyone use these guys? Wrangler Leatherseats - Home
  16. custom leather seats

    I plan on replacing my cloth seats with leather this summer. I’d love to see some photos of kits or custom leather work others have done. Just to get ideas.
  17. Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner A/t

    Anyone running these? Feedback on Goodyears? Im looking to swap my Bridgestone 245-75s for 265-70 A/T on Sport S.
  18. tpms sensor

    Are JK tpms sensors compatible with JLs?
  19. New tires for Willys wheels

    Santa dropped off a set of Willys wheels for me! I'm looking for recommendations on A/T 255/75 tires. I'd prefer to stay away from LT tires since I don't offroad.