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  1. Texas Gloss Black Hood

    Ah give me your best price.
  2. Texas Gloss Black Hood

    HAHA, yeah I figured it would be a long shot. But im sure i get a few bucks for the scap :) or one can hope.
  3. Texas Gloss Black Hood

    Went with the HERO hood by TOTL Innovations;
  4. Texas Gloss Black Hood

    Selling my stock Sahara hood. It’s gloss black and comes with hinges. Bought a new hood and had new hinges and hinge bolts installed. Hood is in perfect condition. Located in Austin Texas $500 obo Thanks!
  5. Show off your DIY painted dash

    Looks awesome!
  6. Massachusetts Sold sold sold sold sold

    They are the same. When they built these they only built them using a halogen model. For all LED owners the pin setting is different. It really comes down to pin#1 in the LED harness is for your signal out notification and on the halogen model pin#1 is to power the side marker. In order to Make...
  7. Texas Sahara painted fenders with LED lights

    Thanks All - These are now sold.
  8. Texas Sahara painted fenders with LED lights

    What are you interested in, the flares?
  9. Texas Sahara take offs

    I have the following items from a 2018 Sahara; Plastic Rear bumper Sahara side steps/running boards Gray grille insets 5 Sahara wheels and tires with tpms - less than 8 miles on them Best offer take them :)
  10. Texas OEM Halogen turn signals

    I have a pair of Halogen turn signs, Brand new and never been used. Comes with wiring harness. Will only fit Sahara and Rubicon flares. Best offer and they are all yours.
  11. Texas Sahara painted fenders with LED lights

    I have a set of Sahara gloss black fenders with liners and LED lights. Everything is in excelent condition and has less than 1000 miles on them. Just upgraded to something else. Looking to get $650 for everything. Located in Austin, Texas Can ship at buyers cost
  12. Georgia FOR SALE: Rubicon Fenders w/LED

    Still interested 78729 PM Sent
  13. LED Headlight disassembly

    Thanks for the response - Yeah im not sure if the seal is different, however i believe the ones im working with are sealed with permaseal and not butel. I baked mine for almost 30 mins and the glue didn't budge an inch, the plastic housing only bent/tore. If someone just sells the lens i may...
  14. LED Headlight disassembly

    I baked mine for 20 mins at 220f and the lens didn't budge at all. The plastic under the lip of the lens folded under just as Joltes showed in his photo. Id really be currious to see what you did to get yours off with ease.
  15. Georgia FOR SALE: Rubicon Fenders w/LED

    Intersted, ship to 78729
  16. Texas Mopar Oversize Spare Tire Carrier Mounting Bracket Kit 82215355- $150 shipped OBO!

    Intersted - In Austin Texas, are you close by?
  17. FS: Grey dash panels

    Still have?
  18. JL Dash Panel Removal

    Would you want to sell the gray dash panels?