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  1. Willys From the Lot Pricing - Is This Normal?

    Try to get them to drop a couple grand. Congrats on the purchase. I think you are going to bring it home either way. Let us know how you like that power soft top.
  2. Willys From the Lot Pricing - Is This Normal?

    Not all states require dealerships to collect TTL. Our main home is in Missouri and we have to go to the DMV within 30 days of license to Pay TTL. At our place in Montana we don't pay tax but have to go into the DMV to register and pay for plates.
  3. 2021 JLURD Order Date?

    I'd like to know as well. My salesman told me he would let me know as soon as the order banks open as well as post here.
  4. Legitimate question to diesel owners....

    OP I'm in the same boat as you. Will either order a Willys diesel or Willys or Rubicon 2.0. Who knows when the diesel orders will start again.
  5. Ordering 2020 JLU: Love the Willys but worried about resale

    Congrats. That’s a sweet rig. What motor did you go with?
  6. Ordering 2020 JLU: Love the Willys but worried about resale

    Yep. The Willys diesel also gets the Dana 210 front axle. I don't imagine I would ever use the disconnect on the Rubicon and probably wouldn't use the lockers either. The rear LSD on the Willys would be plenty for me. If not, I could add a True-Track to the front.
  7. Any interest in ventilated seats?

    I love them. We've had them in a handful of cars. My wife, however, does not like the coochie coolers.
  8. Ordering 2020 JLU: Love the Willys but worried about resale

    When it does get driven it will get a workout. No short trips. I've had plenty of diesels Because every time I look for low mileage used JLs I can order a new one for what they want for the used one. Often several thousand less. Same goes for leftover '19s on the lot. I'll be ordering...
  9. Ordering 2020 JLU: Love the Willys but worried about resale

    Yes I can see how the JLU Sport S would hold it's value better. That is until you spend thousands on upgrades. DAMHIK.
  10. Ordering 2020 JLU: Love the Willys but worried about resale

    Well I bought this today at the grocery store if that counts for anything.
  11. Ordering 2020 JLU: Love the Willys but worried about resale

    Thanks guys. Keep the good advice coming. We are in Montana with tons of off road trails. I believe both would be easy to sell.
  12. Ordering 2020 JLU: Love the Willys but worried about resale

    Sold our JK and am going to order a 2021. We love the look of the Willys Unlimited in Sting Gray. We like it better than the Rubicon in Sting Gray. However I'm worried that five years down the road the Willys will have little more book value than a JLU Sport S. To order the Rubicon with the...
  13. Why is the cold weather group and hardtop headliner removed when choosing a diesel on a Sport S or Willys but not on a Rubicon? (all 2020 JWUL)

    I noticed the same thing on the cold weather group and the convenience group. If you just scroll back up you can add them back. Easiest way is to add the diesel first and then add the packages. I had a dealer do it on his computer and cold weather group and convenience group can certainly be...
  14. 3.6 E-torque impressions?

    Correct. In real world driving situations do you notice an increase in torque or does it just make the start/stop smooth? I know it's a little slower 0-60 but if it had better low torque I would like it. The 3.6 is fine but that's about it. I know I would be elated with the diesel.
  15. 3.6 E-torque impressions?

    Test drove a Sahara today with the 3.6 E-torque. Dash said battery low start/stop unavailable. So I don’t think the BSG was doing anything. Then test drove a 2.0 Rubicon non E-torque. Might like the 2.0 better even though we huge fans of it in our ‘19 Cherokee Trailhawk
  16. 3.6 E-torque impressions?

    I'm probably going to order a 2021 JL 4dr soon and would like to get impression from members who have actually spent some time driving the 3.6 E-torque. I was planning on ordering the 3.0 diesel but that engine can't be ordered at this time and nobody knows when it will be available to order...
  17. JL Wrangler Diesel Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Congrats! Did you get bumped to a 2021 model?
  18. JL Wrangler Diesel Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    2021 ordering has started but not for the Diesel option. I have a trade that they put a fixed value on if I order now. The diesel will only cost me $2,501.70 more than the 3.6 E-torque on a 2021 Willys. I hope diesel orders are allowed in the next few days or I will have to go with the 3.6.
  19. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    Am I reading the order guide correctly that a 2021 4dr Willys V6 auto will come with the E-torque?
  20. Anyone have a build sheet for a JLU Willys or Sport S they care to share?

    I agree the Willys doesn't have the wide ones from everything I've seen. Do the Rubicon wide axles just use a spacer to get the wider stance?