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  1. Sleeping in the back

    How much stuff do you really need? I can fit myself in my JKU with my gear for a 3-4 day trip without much of an issue. My pack list is about this: sleeping bag/pad/pillow backpack for clothes tote for cook gear tote for jeep gear (recovery, tools, batteries etc) 50L Coleman cooler 5G bucket...
  2. Best Off Road Maps Apps

    Shout out to Caltopo. Draw objects and layers online and sync with your phone for offline download. Can change overlay between their default (which has a lot of trails), to USGS Quads, and forestry service maps.
  3. JCR bumpers?

    Similar, not the same. The lines are a bit different, but more or less the same thing. If I ever do get my JL, Its on the top of my mods list
  4. JCR bumpers?

    I have their front mid width on my JK and would recommend. Its very well designed and looks awesome. Built in USA Although, I did get it unfinished and painted it myself, its starting to rust a bit. Get the PC. When I got mine, their PC was reviewed as not the greatest. YMMV
  5. Question about Snow Tires of same size as stock

    Duratracs are not just a seasonal tire. You can run them all year. If youre doing it, do get all 5, so you can rotate them all through and get more miles out of the set. Ive gotten 60-65k out of a few sets of them doing the 5 tire rotate
  6. Backspacing and the stock tire carrier

    If your bumpers dont touch the wheel, you can opt for some aftermarket bumpstops. I have a set from Daystar and they are fine for what they are; foam bumpers that keep the tire from moving about
  7. Question about Snow Tires of same size as stock

    size for size, they should be OK Also, the Duratracs are NOT a snow tire. They are a extreme weather rated AT. With that said, they do rock in the snow, Ive done 9 New England winters between 2 sets and they are almost unstoppable. However, they are NOT a snow tire. Side by side, a dedicated...
  8. Beginner offroad mods for Utah trip for JULS?

    sliders are also a good thing to have...just in general Also, FYI, EJS was canceled and reinstated and canceled and I think is back on as of yesterday, I think. Theres a non-zero chance it could be off again before the date arrives
  9. Sleeping in the back

    Same. Ill tent camp when the kids are with me, but when Im solo, I can just sleep in the back of the JKU. Setting up and breaking down a tent is too much of a PITA.
  10. Sleeping in the back

    Not when youre in the woods in Maine. Its either 20* and windy in the fall, the mud will swallow you whole in the spring, youll get eaten alive by the mosquitos in the summer and LOL in the winter
  11. Color Matched Hardtop only?

    I did the build comparison today between the 4xe Sahara and the standard. Dual tops ++$1300 Body color top ++$100 Power top ++$100 The extra $1300 for the 4xe dual top option is insane. I would tell them to pound sand over that. Also agree that color tops are stupid on most colors, the...

    still no sport option for 4xe. get on it Jeep
  13. wheeling with a clutch

    ok, cool. So to verify, lets say I get stuck in a muddy puddle and need to winch out. Clutch in, throw in neutral, go set winch up, clutch in, first gear and no prob?
  14. wheeling with a clutch

    Hey all Looking to get a JLU manual in the not too distant future. I know the clutch/tranny on the JK is open and if you change gears or otherwise put the clutch in while in a puddle, you will suck water and mud into it. Is that the same issue with the JL? Never have wheeled with a manual...
  15. Sleeping in the back

    Thanks, dudes. With the head rests folding forward as opposed to rearwards in the JK, it looks like there should be enough room for me. Just slide the passenger seat forwards a bit. I have a thermarest trail pro (i think that's the model) and it just barely fits and I sleep pretty well back...
  16. Sleeping in the back

    All How much room is there for sleeping in the back of a JLU? My slight 6'2 frame just barely fits in the back of the JKU diagonally with my head mashed up in the back of the front passenger seat., but there's not quite enough room to stretch all the way out
  17. Off road range?

    Depends on how much time you are in 4x4. Figure an extra 10% hit for 4H and a lot more than that for 4L time.
  18. JL corrosion

    No paint between door and hinge on parts that are know to have this issue. Thats both dumb and lazy, FCA, or whatever youre calling yourselves these days
  19. Corrosion around the hinges

    All First time poster, long time Jeeper here. Ive been looking into upgrading my JKU to a JLU in the not too distant future. Doing some reading around and I stumbled on the 40 page thread on the corrosion appearing around the hinges on the doors and hoods of the JLs. Looks to be pretty wide...