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  1. Arkansas Premium Soft Top - $1000

    Jeep Wrangler JL unlimited 4 door soft top with all required great condition. Couple minor scuffs on back window plastic.
  2. Arkansas 35” tires and wheels like new - 5 total $2200

    LT315/70R-17 COOPER DISCOVERER STT PRO E with American racing 17X9 AR AR172 BAJA BLK PAINT. Have less than 2000 miles of use on the tires came off of a 2018 Jeep Wrangler and include TPMS sensors. 5x5 lug pattern. Perfect condition! Cost $2700 new for all 5, Open to offers.
  3. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    You have a link to the part? I wonder if a 3D printed item would be just as good.....
  4. Kleinn On Board Air

    it contacts the skid slightly when extreme wheeling...Only found it by looking at the driveshaft and seeing it...never felt or heard anything.
  5. Kleinn On Board Air

    I believe so, Only issues I have had back in that area with clearance was with my metalcloak skids and the driveshaft.
  6. Kleinn On Board Air

    Great so far! I have hit it on rocks a few times and it shows but it has held up as well. Overall very satisfied with the air system, not so much with their horns....
  7. Black Screen & Service Start/Stop

    The other day i inadvertently killed my battery(my fault). Jumped the jeep and it starts fine....Now though, My 8.4" screen won't come on and the dash says service start/stop. Based on my knowledge from the forums this makes me think the Aux battery is toast. Can anyone confirm this is the...
  8. California Factory Hitch w/ Bolts - $40, Vacaville, CA

    I have a used factory hitch for sale.
  9. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    No...i have run as 12 psi when I was in Moab.
  10. Which A-Pillar Cube mount?

    I don't have a good answer for you...The local shop had samples we took out and held up and picked one...Not perfect match but pretty stinking close!
  11. Off Road Pages Update Status...
  12. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    So interestingly enough....I took the jeep in for a couple things including this today...Got it back and still no ORP!!!! Tech already gone so i have to call back tomorrow(I am sure they didn't do anything even though they say they wrote that they did)......Fast forward an hour, and i think hey...
  13. Flat Tow winch bumper options

    LOD brackets do have a spot for the safety cables.
  14. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    There are two added
  15. Flat Tow winch bumper options

    Ignorance? Do you know my level of cad design knowledge? I used the factory steel bumper as a comparison towable bumper has more clearance than the steel bumper bumper cuts in less than an inch below the bumper please do explain how 4.5” isn’t much compared to...
  16. Flat Tow winch bumper options

    You really truly think that part took more than a few hours to design? That liability insurance (that you previously argued those companies probably didn’t have) you mentioned, wouldn’t let them list it as optional if it were that vital first of all...scraping isn’t gonna hurt it...hard hits...
  17. Flat Tow winch bumper options

    whether it is a 1/4" or 1.5" it still doesn't change the fact that the bar of the base plate will dig in or be destroyed while my bumper is smooth and will slide on the rocks should it hit... If it were so necessary then why would they list it as "*Optional" ??? You think theirs is so much more...
  18. Flat Tow winch bumper options

    ....Notice though that they are listed as "optional" Meaning they simply created something to quiet the nay sayers even though it's not necessary....The best part is this is almost identical to what jeep already had there...Three differences that i see...angle brace where it connects to the...