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  1. How Can We Help?

    Hey I'm curious if it’s possible to have the alpine stereo and 8 inch screen package installed on a JLUR that came without. Including sub of course. I was looking on the molar parts site but might have missed it.
  2. Dealer Suggesting ProCal to change tire size. They can only up it to 35?

    Hi all, Hopefully this is the right section for this. I was at the deal for one of my free oil changes yesterday and asked them if they could re calibrate the tire size to 37s once I have my lift and new wheels and tires. I was told they can only go to 35s and they actually suggested a...
  3. Initial impressions of my Mickey Thomson Baja Boss AT’s

    Decided last week to go with a set of these in 37s over Cooper STT Pros. 2-4 week backorder. Hoping I made the correct decision there. All the reviews have been pretty good so far.
  4. Extreme delays from Rock Krawler?

    Discount has been great for me as well. I ordered the lift through 4 wheel parts and they have been outstanding keeping me updated and such. The process has just been so slow from the RK side. I’m tempted to cancel but RK is known for high quality. I also don’t know what else I would go with.
  5. Extreme delays from Rock Krawler?

    Is anyone else having some crazy delays from companies, specifically Rock Krawler, right now? I ordered a 2.5 inch no limits kit in early March and was told 10-12 weeks. A good chunk of parts are in but now could have to wait another 45 days for a component box. Starting to get a little...
  6. Initial impressions of my Mickey Thomson Baja Boss AT’s

    Has anyone taken these on some trails to give some grip feedback? I always see that A/T tires just dont compare to M/Ts. I have some Cooper STT Pros ordered but they are on an insane backorder. If they take too much longer I may cancel and go with something else. These were the other option but...
  7. Advice request: Teraflex ST2, Evo Enforcer, Metalcloak, Clayton, or Rock Krawler

    This looks great! I went with the RK 2.5 Flex No Limits lift with twin tube shocks. The wait is killing me. I still have about 7 weeks until its all in. 37s are on the way too. Your pic just made me that much more excited!
  8. Newest Mickey Thompsons launching in April!

    Anyone have a set of these yet? I really want to see some reviews before I pull the trigger. Not just reviews that Mickey Thompson has put together to try and eliminate bias. All Terrains dont always have the grip and such of MTs so I want to hear how the grip is on the trails and mud and such...
  9. Newest Mickey Thompsons launching in April!

    So looking at the Baja Boss AT vs the Baja ATZ P3, the ATZ looks a bit beefier. I almost wonder if I should jump on those while they are still around. Although I see conflicting reports on weight. Are both 80 lbs?
  10. Spare tire carrier experiences/ reviews

    This looks great. How rough was the install? I was looking at the Smittybilt hinge reinforcement but it doesn't have a spot for the camera or the license plate if I remember correctly. This looks much better.
  11. 17x9 Wheels with 4.5 Backspace under 30 LBS?

    Awesome, thank you for the response. Great point about the discount price match because I found them cheaper on Amazon but will likely buy tires from Discount so if I can get it all knocked out in one go, even better.
  12. 17x9 Wheels with 4.5 Backspace under 30 LBS?

    Those look really good. That might be my current front runner. Did you powder coat the rock ring? That looks great in the picks on your profile.
  13. 17x9 Wheels with 4.5 Backspace under 30 LBS?

    Hi Everyone, I am going to be adding a 2.5 inch lift to my JLUR with 37 inch tires. Initially the wheels I was going to get were 40 lbs but looking at the weight of tires in the 37 inch size, I think I need to be a bit lighter. Having each wheel/tire at 115 or more seems bad for the stock parts...
  14. 2021 JLUR 35s or 37s?

    Thank you for the reply. I am trying to figure out whether to go to 37s or 35s. I want 37s but the feedback on whether you have to regear or not is so inconsistent. 110 lbs per wheel is around where I would end up depending on the tire. It will be my daily driver and I will also be taking it...
  15. 2021 JLUR 35s or 37s?

    Did you regear for the 37s? if not, what’s the weight of your wheel tire combo?
  16. Newest Mickey Thompsons launching in April!

    Thats a heck of a deal. Are those really 85 lbs for the 37s though? Something tells me my 410 gears would hate that with my 40lb rims coming.
  17. 2.0 on 37's with 4:10 gears in a JLUR

    Thank you for the reply. Yeah depending on the tires I go with I could be looking at 115 lbs combined so your setup is more ideal. I bought the wheels I did because they can be simulated beadlocks or actual beadlocks. I suppose I could still go 35s as I have not bought tires yet. I wanted to...
  18. 2.0 on 37's with 4:10 gears in a JLUR

    Just curious if you can clarify one thing. Do you know the weight of your wheels and tires? I believe stock wheel is like 20 lbs and the tire is like 60 lbs or something. I am looking at going to 40 lb wheels and cannot decide on tires because Im worried about the weight as I have read that...
  19. Help Deciding on 37inch Tire Brands

    Just thinking about this again, do you think you noticed the difference because they were so much heavier than the Pats? Should I be looking for about a 75lb tire? The jump to 37s will make a big difference as well but I had read that the 2.0L Turbo drastically reduced the need to regear for...
  20. Help Deciding on 37inch Tire Brands

    Those Baja Boss are more expensive than the Nittos but they do look like a solid tire from what I can tell. Might be an option if I could get a deal on them. I am not super concerned about the snow here in CO. The stock tires have done decent enough and it really does not snow here as much as...