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  1. Default volume for phone call and Android auto?

    Yes, the TSB I mentioned above fixed the volume issue for me. No more crazy loud calls.
  2. JLUS + Rubi Suspension + Spacer Lift = ???

    I mean, if Rubicon with no lift can fit 35's without any issues, then a Sport w/ Rubi take offs should be fine as well. If you are adding spacers as well, then you're in even better shape
  3. JLUS + Rubi Suspension + Spacer Lift = ???

    I do not have plans on adding spacers, but maybe one day down the line. If I do, it will be after I get the 35's and see how they look. Also, being in PA, the tires can not extend outside of the fenders but then I would have to look at aftermarket or rubi fenders.
  4. JLUS + Rubi Suspension + Spacer Lift = ???

    I actually did this lift last month. Rubi take off springs/shocks + teraflex 1.5in spacer kit. I also installed the Mopar lift lower control arms due to reading some comments here on the forum that it would help with the geometry. Ride is still fine on-road, haven't tried off road, but I assume...
  5. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    Post # 59 has the TSBs by year. 08-017-21. Print out and bring to the dealer.
  6. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    Mine is a 2018. Finally took a 3 hr ride, had zero flickers. Recommend to get done if you’re having the issue. Just make sure to do it before warranty is up because it’s a TSB and not a recall. Unless Jeepcares can put a word in for you.
  7. Teraflex 1.5 inch spacer kit with a Sahara?

    For those who used the teraflex 1.5 with rubicon springs/shocks, did you wind up using shock extensions?
  8. Spacer Staking?

    Is it possible to stack a daystar 3/4" spacer with another spacer? I was given these spacers and am wondering if they could be potentially stacked to either another 3/4" daystar or maybe a .5" teraflex load level spacer?
  9. Radio Volume - Mind of its Own Check out post #59; TSB 08-016-21 should fix your issue - AM/FM Audio Fluctuations
  10. JLUR Fenders On eBay

    Looks great! Did you only replace your front fenders?
  11. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    Haven't been using the Jeep as much since I am WFH, but from the short trips I have been making, I have not seen any glitching on the screen. :fingerscrossed:
  12. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    Just got back from the dealership. Had tires rotated, oil change and TSB 08-017-21 performed. Took around 2 hrs for the software update to download to usb and upload into the Jeep. On the 20min ride home, I did not see carplay glitch. Will have to take a spirited ride to give it a real test...
  13. Clock losing time

    The TSB's in the attached link may help those with the clock issue (lose 6 sec / day). We were just given these for the 7in screen flickering when using carplay/android auto. Hope it helps. (post 59)
  14. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    I have my appointment scheduled for the 26th. We’ll see how it goes. If this updates does the trick, I don’t want to see another update unless it expands the size of the screen dashboard.
  15. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    It would be nice if we were able to download the update to a zip and install ourselves as that 4 hr wait is pretty crazy. Would be interested to hear if the update did the trick for you.
  16. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    I would hope that is a typo, as I’m not waiting until August 2021 to have an update put through. I’ve never had any luck with the Uconnect website letting me install myself, it’s always “you’re up to date”. Hopefully either your dealer will update you or @JeepCares can help clarify the date...
  17. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    Hi Allison @JeepCares, Any update on us seeing the suggested TSB documents? I am very interested in setting up an appointment to have the dealer correct the issue. 08-017-21 for the MY18 08-016-21 for the MY19 08-015-21 for the MY20 Thank you
  18. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    The 7” uconnect is fine under Bluetooth, once CarPlay or Android Auto is being used, it turns into a POS. Wishing aftermarket units weren’t an arm and a leg but I’ve given up on trying to fix and bring to dealer. I guess “it’s a Jeep thing” 💩
  19. Apple Carplay Screen "Twitching" Effect

    Take a look at TSB 08-12-18-rev-d, fixes AM/FM volume fluctuations. My radio would increase in volume randomly, especially during a phone call, the ringer would crank to 30 without warning and scare the crap out of me while driving. Dealership did the TSB and all has been fixed...