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  1. Could this be Sting-gray?

    thanks for sharing
  2. Could this be Sting-gray?

    I guess its the Granite color right
  3. Rubicon at Indy Auto Show

    between the Sahara and the Rubi?
  4. Rubicon at Indy Auto Show

    thanks for sharing
  5. RubiIII

    I guess ill just get the Sahara...
  6. RubiIII

    I am now thinking between Sahara and the Rubi
  7. RubiIII

    love it
  8. Rubi with 35”

    now i regret the sahara and want the Rubi
  9. Granite w/ Rims - HELP !

    I take that back... the 2nd is also nice
  10. Granite w/ Rims - HELP !

    third is the best