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  1. Colorado SOLD— Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe '18-'20 Jeep JLs - $50

    Sure thing, let me know what time works best
  2. Rough Country Lifts

    I ran the 2.5 RC lift for about 1.5 yrs, it worked just fine. I also started with 35’s on the stock wheels (no rubbing) but quickly decided that the Jeep would look better with 37‘S. As for the ride, We definitely felt a difference going to the RC lift. We had bump steer and some wheel wobble...
  3. Colorado SOLD— Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe '18-'20 Jeep JLs - $50

    Updated to $50, still not shipping this.
  4. Colorado SOLD— Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe '18-'20 Jeep JLs - $50

    I liked it but since it’s my wife’s Jeep, it was louder for sure but sounded good.
  5. Colorado SOLD— Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe '18-'20 Jeep JLs - $50

    Replaces Jeep JL rear muffler, increasing ground clearance, improving appearance, reducing back pressure (more horsepower & torque), and providing a deep performance exhaust tone. Stock muffler is bolt-off, this item is bolt-on, stock...
  6. Colorado Hothead Headliners

    What’s the price? I’m interested
  7. Best cargo cover??

    I just bought the bikini top they sell for my JLUR and was surprised how nice the material was. Storing something on top the tonneau cover, I would guess not since it has no support.
  8. Best cargo cover??

    Rampage just released this, buy it and let me know your thoughts,
  9. Colorado DV8 bumper & Motobilt spare tire delete

    Selling my used DV8 bumper. It’s been on many wheeling trips and could use a rattle can of black paint. I have the lights that came with it just never got around to installing them. This bumper would be great for anyone looking to upgrade that plastic stock one. Looking to get $200 for it as...
  10. Spiders

    Obviously that spider has great taste in vehicles.
  11. My Jeep's gone bat guano crazy!

    Supposed to be an update coming for the JL in October, hopefully this will fix some of the issues everyone is still having... @JeepCares can you confirm if this will be updated through a dealer or over the air? Like my last update.
  12. Mopar Beadlock Ring

    I saw this on the Denver Craigslist
  13. Colorado Motobilt Spare Tire Delete

    Yes it’s still here
  14. Katzkin leather or factory?

    If I had it to do again we go with Katzkin, I talked to a distributor asked if I wanted to order the seats with heat and ventilation, vented seats would be amazing right now...
  15. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Well I can tell you what I did not park next to today!!!:giggle::puke::LOL:
  16. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    just a little Moab fun.. And got a wedgie.