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  1. Electrical help

    Sorry you’re having trouble with it. I had some engine trouble around 2k miles. Had to wait for parts at the time because there were none available. Hopefully they can diagnose and fix it quickly.
  2. Electrical help

    Don’t know if this will fix the problem but it’s something to check. Did you check the fuse box under the hood? My JL and quite a few others found the fuses under the hood were not seated fully. Just give them a little push.
  3. My simple audio build...

    Another idea would be making an adapter for speakers in the sound bar.
  4. Adding Amp and subwoofer to basic radio on JL

    You should be able to find the info in the sticky titled “Adding an Aftermarket Amp”
  5. Adding Amp and subwoofer to basic radio on JL

    Did you install coax or components in the front? There’s a few posts showing the location and color of wires in the rear sound bar. Make sure to run a power wire to the battery, grommet in the firewall, and put a fuse close to the battery.
  6. Adding Amp and subwoofer to basic radio on JL

    What is the sound lacking after you replaced all the speakers? What speakers did you install and did you add an amplifier to them?
  7. My simple audio build...

    The adapter for the sub looks awesome and great job. Are you trying to get a good sound stage in front or just have the stereo sound better at louder volumes? Adding a coax 6.5” speaker in the lower dash and a 3.5” coax speaker in the upper dash will probably get very “bright” especially when...
  8. JLU audio build

    Another idea is building a box under the rear seats for the two JL10w3’s. There’s enough room for a sealed but not sure how much more room a ported box would need.
  9. JLU audio build

    Looking good. Interested in seeing the box mounted to the tailgate and how it sounds. I’ve got a single JL 10tw3 in a small sealed box in the back. It takes up very little room. It’s temporary till it gets warmer and I have time to fiberglass boxes into the sides for 2 JL 10tw3.
  10. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    When I was installing I was told the reason most manufacturers require you to have the parking brake on, to watch video, is liability. In most or all states it’s not legal to have video in view of the driver while the vehicle is moving.
  11. Installing Factory Alpine Sub in a Base Model

    You’d have to use an aftermarket LOC or dsp and an amplifier to hook the subwoofer up to. From what I understand there’s no subwoofer output or amplifier, from the factory radio, unless you have the Alpine system installed.
  12. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    If the parking brake is on the can-bus it might be tough to do. If it’s not then it should be fairly easy. I’d suggest testing it at the parking brake switch in the center console or you could test it at the radio harness if there’s a separate wire.
  13. Can we talk about PAC units added to Stereo?

    I agree with LSguy. A dsp would definitely allow you more flexibility to tune the speakers. What speakers do you have in the front and are they passive or active? From Stinger’s description the Height 10 has a limited, time alignment, dsp and eq built in. You might be able to use the built in...
  14. JLU audio build

    Nice. I’ve got a 3 way up front in my Wrangler and have been trying different tweeter locations. My favorite so far has been similar to the location you have. The rear seats are resting directly on the metal pads on the boxes? I’ve got a choice of building a box under the back seats or a box...
  15. JLU audio build

    It’s looking good. You might want to round the edges of the ports on the boxes if you haven’t yet. The 3 way up front should sound really good especially after you get it tuned. The DSR-1 can be a headache at times. I always have to reconnect to Bluetooth after about 10 seconds of starting the...
  16. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    Has anyone used the NAV off road? I’m wondering if it has maps preinstalled or do/can you download and add them?
  17. Aftermarket stereo / speakers vs Alpine-8.4

    Nice and looking good. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done and are doing. I’ll have to make a build thread about what I installed. Won’t get to it for a while because of other house projects.
  18. Aftermarket stereo / speakers vs Alpine-8.4

    I don’t have the Alpine system but have upgraded with aftermarket amps and speakers. I’d definitely suggest going the aftermarket route for sound quality. Depends on what you’re looking for from your sound system. Sound quality, spl, just sounding good at louder volumes?
  19. Warning to all… Speaker Polarity Issues. Question at the bottom of post.

    I’ve replaced the lower dash speakers with the meta speaker pods. You might be able to reach the driver’s side connector. The dash is very tight and the connection is on the back of the speaker pod.