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  1. Wheel Torque Specifications JL/JLU

    Proper torque is proper torque, these are 14mm lugs, not 1/2". It's actually nice to see such fasteners holding down our most important parts :) Only 130 for me!
  2. Muffler delete... was it worth it?

    I don't find the volume objectionable, and it won't make the neighbors angry. It's not like it's a Mustang 5.0 uncapped.
  3. And another offset question

    What size are you getting? The above tire size will only work w/ 16" wheels.
  4. Long shot but is anyone running a "classic style" silver/polished wheels similar to Pro Comp 69s?

    They are a 17x9 w/ a -6 offset, so yeah they will extend a couple inches out. Might be able to find a similar design, if so look for 8.5 +15 to get closer to the fenders.
  5. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    Mine was just the same as prior, regarding steering wheel alignment, I didn't have to do anything after the install.
  6. Totalled my Jeep - starting fresh need tire recommendations (no lift!)

    Offset is just the amount of space from the centerline of the wheel width, a zero offset is a wheel that has it's lug mounts right at center. A positive offset has the lugs mounted further out from the wheel center, this results in the wheel being tucked into the fender well. A negative offset...
  7. 35" or 34" on a lifted Sport 2 dr

    But only when you put it in 4wd :)
  8. Rookie suspension question

    What he said^^^ For your uses that you posted the Moab swap should be just fine. I run 295/70s which are just a bit taller than 33s at 33.25", no issues and the suspension handles great. The springs/shocks allow for more suspension travel but aren't firmed up much, didn't take more than a day or...
  9. 35" or 34" on a lifted Sport 2 dr

    The offset on ALL JL stock wheels is +44. I would stick w/ 34s max mainly due to the 3:45 gearing. A couple others to consider is 295/70 or 305/70 (although the 305/70 only has a few tire choices).
  10. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    It may have been posted earlier in this thread but may have missed it. Has anyone compared the weight of the OEM bumper vs. this Ebay model? Just wondering if there is any difference there, sure seems to be virtually identical to my untrained eye :)
  11. New to Wranglers, trying to pick the best all around model. Looking for insight.

    Order one exactly as you like, don't go through the dealer unless they're willing to go below invoice. You can order one from several dealers within a few hundred miles from you that are willing to do that. And if you really try hard and don't mind a drive, 5-6% below invoice (and sometimes even...
  12. New to Wranglers, trying to pick the best all around model. Looking for insight.

    Nicky, in your sidebar it says "Looking for a Sting Gray Rubicon" , I'd stick with that plan, and it will be easier to fix that sidebar later, just have to erase "Looking for" and replace it with "Own" :)
  13. Totalled my Jeep - starting fresh need tire recommendations (no lift!)

    Looks like you decided on 34x10.5x17 K02s w/ 1.75" spacers, should be a good combo w/ stock wheels. Look forward to the install pics Don :) Interesting, the 285/75/`17 K02s are a bit over a 1/2"wider, same diameter, but almost $100 less than the 34x10.5 tire.
  14. And another offset question

    Only a couple tires in that size that I found, but this is a nice one~ A 255/80/17 is a bit over 10" wide and...
  15. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    I would say you nailed it!
  16. And another offset question

    What width are those wheels? If they are 8.5 width then a "zero" offset will be similar to my setup w/ those 285 width Rubi tires. The +18 will be about 3/4" inside from mine (closer to the fender edge) Here's my 295/70/17s on 8.5 +10 offset
  17. JL Nut & Bolt Sizes

    This^^^If you're doing the work at home, try SAE if you get some slop w/ metric sockets/wrenches. I've found a few cases where Metrics aren't a tight fit, and especially the lower control arms that are high torque fasteners, sure don't want to round off bolt heads at 190 ft lbs :(
  18. Help me decide: do I need just tires or wheels and tires

    I'd either go w/ the Rubi takeoffs or the 285/75/17 set w/ your stock wheels. The 34" height of the 285/75s won't tax your Sport gearing as much as a true 35. Also the narrower 285 is a better fit on the stock wheels w/ that +44 offset. You've got a nice lift and those 285/75s are a great size...
  19. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Just the opposite of useless, quite useful info I think :)