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  1. New York Black Rhino Warlord Wheels 17x9 with 35" BFG KO2 Tires

    Do you have a lift? Any rubbing?
  2. The Most Versatile Tire

    You have to look at the Cooper ST Maxx. I absolutely love them. 3ply side wall. Good in mud, great in snow and rain.
  3. Post Pics of your Winter Setup.

    It does not leave any residue.
  4. Cooper discoverer st Maxx

    You will love those tires. I had them on a 1/2 ton truck and they were phenomenal. Great in snow and even better on old logging and mining roads in the mountains here. A little louder than stock but not bad. They wear great.
  5. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I agree I was going to wait and see what the new Bronco looks like but I seriously don't feel safe driving in snow and icy conditions.
  6. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Sick of the wandering issue. I'm sure at some point this winter I'm going to spin out. I'm trading it in on Thursday for a 2020 Tacoma TRD Offroad. I can't wait. I will miss the interior of the Jeep but it is not worth the hassle of the constant corrections while driving. Later Fiat. You...
  7. Help with new all season tires!!!

    I had the at3's and was not a big fan at all. They were horrible in packed snow (My KM2's were better.) My dad had the Revo's on his truck that I took hunting a couple of years ago and they did really well. Mud, snow, and packed snow, it did well in all. The mud was not deep just a couple of...
  8. Post Pics of your Winter Setup.

    I love the Klasse. I use it on both of my vehicles and it is amazing. Easy to apply.
  9. Guy walks into a service department...

    That color scheme and package has always been my favorite. They should do it with the JL.
  10. Noob assistance: Will the Quadratec Recon wheels fit my existing tires? (2018 JL)

    If he had a back up camera would the camera still fit?

    I agree the channel has lost a little of its luster but still entertaining. It seemed better to me when they were doing Average Joe stuff to their Jeep. I'm not hating on them at all it is great they have put themselves in the position to be where they are now. It's just that I am not. I'm...

    I don't know if this is allowed but watch LiteBrite on Youtube. (I'm sorry if I can't say this, let me know and I won't do it again.) They started stock. Then went with a cheap 2" spacer lift and 35's. They accomplished alot with just that lift. Oh and a winch and recovery gear. Check them...
  13. California Warning: Scammer Don Vasquez

    And take the pictures of his kids off of the post. That is not right.
  14. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    Agree'd. Sounds like it is the end of the week and someone might be trying to be lazy.
  15. JLUR Stolen: Help track it down!

    No one likes to get overloaded in the rear! Sorry!
  16. Criswell and out of state taxes.

    That is all correct.

    I went through a touchless car wash last week. When you first go in and that high pressure spray hits the lower part of the Jeep I had a decent amount of water hit my leg. It came from between the bottom of the door and the body.
  18. Any JLUs out there with "bigger / beefier" tires" ON STOCK (OEM) RIMS ? (Please Share Pics)

    have you checked the inner side of the tires by the control arms?