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  1. Crystal Rubi build

    They said that they are sending the tools and replacement bushings. If they are not here by the end of the week, guess I will have to give them a call. My hope is not to have to use heat to get these undone. But we will see!
  2. Crystal Rubi build

    I am getting some noise out of my rear upper Krawler joint. Waiting on these parts and tools as well. Looks like the swap went over without any major issues!
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I am thinking about moving up to 39’s after my 37’s wear out. Although with the AAL Highline Fender bracket the 37’s look small! What lift height and gearing are you running?
  4. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    Purchased on in April of 2018. Currently 50000 Miles! I have not had any real issues to date. This weekend it goes in for the steering TSB!
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Method 702’s in, stock wheels out!
  6. Noise from front wheel/axle

    Have you checked the u-joint?
  7. Rotating 37s... How often are you doing it?

    I may not be the norm, but I rotate my 37's at 3000 miles, this is a full 5 tire rotation. My back would appreciate longer intervals but my bank account appreciates the additional miles.
  8. Can't decided on a Lift

    They are both multi/dual rate coils so I would imagine that it would be a good combination. Some times the Franken Lift is the best performer.
  9. Anyone seen these Deberti billet aluminum door hinges?

    They are different. I like the idea that you can paint them.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Everyone have a safe Independence Day. Today I left the old girl in the garage and took the family to the lake. I might come home to divorce papers and an empty garage.
  11. KC area Meet and Greet

    Have a set of Rubicon Rock Rails that need to find a new home. Let me know if you are interested, I will make you a hell of a deal!
  12. KC area Meet and Greet

    For sure! We have not had a meet and greet in hot minute. There is bound to be someone that needs to lift their Jeep!
  13. KC area Meet and Greet

    Any body have any interest in a couple of items? 1. Stock Rubicon Rails - $75.00 2. Ace Rock Sliders - $150.00, Sold 3. Metal Cloak Rear Diff Skid - $75.00, Sold 4. Stock Rubicon Suspension w/ shocks - $100.00, Sold
  14. Good Jeep Shops near Kansas City, MO

    Heck, lift party! We can install that lift and sliders on your Jeep!
  15. KC area Meet and Greet

    Good luck! If you need any help just let us know.
  16. KC area Meet and Greet

    I am not sure about the lean, is it possible that metal cloak has corner specific coils? How much lift do you have?
  17. KC area Meet and Greet

    Well just let us know when you get everything and are ready install, we will get together and get it taken care of!
  18. Kansas Rocks Park

    Looks like everyone had fun! Better get on getting your wife that lift!
  19. KC area Meet and Greet

    I am a member of MWK (Midwest Krawlers) and we do a lot of pop up events, it would be nice to get our JLwranglerforum Group together again! A lift party or wrench party is a great way to bring everyone together.