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  1. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Sure its not the ANC system? I have a grand Cherokee that I'd assume the ANC is similar and it works terrible. Constant droning thrum around 45mph beats your ear drums. Just like if a window is cracked open a bit. System is terrible IMO I'm going to try and defeat it. I'd rather just have...
  2. Did I make a mistake getting a JLU instead of a JLUR?

    Percent of Jeep owners that really need rubicon capabilities maybe 1 percent. Percent of Jeep owners that spend a lot of time researching forums that think they need the capabilities of a rubicon maybe 99 percent. Having had an older rubicon and spent a lot of time on forums I ended up heavily...
  3. Looks like 2020's are on their way to dealers

    Yep they are trickling into the Chicago area dealers.
  4. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Why why why oh why is this feature simply not standard on every unit built? Every unit has prox starter button. I've got a 10 year old non fancy rav4 that has it. There seems to be a large qty of dealer stock units that do not have it. Very well equipped rubicons msrp above 55k. However...
  5. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    Was hoping you would know. Lol. Dunno. Was just wondering what they said. They seem to be one of those volume type dealers and sell a bunch of grand cherokees. However it seems their wrangler stock doesn't move quick so likely not. Just when I've bought from them in the past it was pretty...
  6. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    Did you try Wickstrom in Barrington?
  7. My First Jeep Advantage Story

    You're always able to grab that one orphaned snow mounded spot at the end of the line during the winter months.
  8. Rubicon stance vs others not photogenic?

    So in photos the wheel size and stance and height looks too small to a fault.. across the sahara sport and moab. The rubicon looks proportionally correct. However in person they all look good. Am I crazy? Anybody else notice this. Waiting for my oil change at the dealer staring at a moab...
  9. Hard top wind noise

    For ones that are experiencing the buffeting noise. Was it with a 2.0 or 3.6 engine? Long shot theory but curious if the active noise cancellation system is causing it. I have a grand Cherokee with the system and sometimes it gets wonky and will do this exact same thing. Pounding the ear...
  10. About to buy this.. is this a good deal?

    Are you guys confusing local tax adders with state tax?
  11. Cracked windshield 5 days old

    I'm a gonna say there's an underlying issue at play beyond the upright angle. Either defective glass, overly fragile glass, glass is getting overly stressed somehow (frame flexing etc). Either way it sux. Hope they resolve this. It is common if one gets a microscopic chip that it may not...
  12. **UPDATE 3.14.19 ** HELP! Picking up new Rubicon. Weird noise!

    BBB? LOL thats little league. I've never seen that really get anywhere. But if what you say is true and they forged your sig and ran your credit, I would say its outright fraud and would be filing with the FTC, probably calling the police, and possibly calling the local news or paper to...
  13. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    It's a conspiracy to end the jeep wave.
  14. Sky One-Touch Power Soft Top Jeep JL's!

    I want to love it.. i really do.. all in on the concept, simply having major trouble getting past the look of it with back windows off.. and even more so with doors off.
  15. Gladiator in the wild

    Saw one on the road in the Chicago area this afternoon headed toward the city on the highway. Was a khaki color. Looked better in person than I thought it would, although I only caught a glimpse in oncoming traffic at speed.
  16. Default Tire is now Falken???

    I remember the press release earlier stating that it would be an option coming in 2019. Doesn't look like the build configurator has been updated to reflect it though.
  17. Pentastar + BSG

    Isn't this basically how gas golf carts work?
  18. MOAB...I just don't understand

    How is a loaded up Sahara immune from this ridicule? I mean same arguments apply. At least you get a cool hood and side steps with the moab order package
  19. Soft-Top Jeep Break-Ins or Vandlism?

    On my last jeep I always left it open with NOTHING in it, maybe a random fast food napkin in the console or a few cents change in the tray. Over the years it was definitely gone through a couple times, but no damage to top or interior nor loss more than maybe a buck in change. I think someone...