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  1. +1 for pushing fuses down

    In 2018 my JLU had a bunch fuses not fully seated. My 2021 JT and my daughter's JL were all fully seated. I checked these at the dealer and they said they are usually seated now, except the diesels usually were not.
  2. North Carolina 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL 2" Tow Hitch Receiver OEM Mopar 82215209 $90

    No, sold No, sold. Sorry, I forgot to update this thread.
  3. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    The BFGs look more aggressive to me. Yeah, the psi was over inflated and I lowered it to the recommended 37 PSI before leaving the dealership and it probably helped. I may try even lower to see how that works and do the chalk test.
  4. Florida Jeep People: Is It Generally Better To Order Out Of State?

    I hit Jeep chat almost daily when it was on the train. Only Travis was able to tell me when it hit the W-S railyard. I had to time selling my daughter's car about a week before delivery. Travis mentioned Gorilla glass specially as a hold up to being built. I would have jumped on it for $95...
  5. Florida Jeep People: Is It Generally Better To Order Out Of State?

    Travis is just swamped at the moment. He just got back from an extended honeymoon and has orders from all over the country. I was very patient on my last order and relied on Jeep chat more this time for updates. Yes, it all doesn't matter until the Jeep shows up. They used to do 30 cars a month...
  6. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    One thing that I've learned from this thread (I think) is you get Firestones Destination MTs with a Willys and KM2 MTs with a Willys Sport. My daughter got the Willys Sport and I was surprised it didn't come with the Firestones. Is one better than the other, maybe weight needs to be factored in...
  7. Florida Jeep People: Is It Generally Better To Order Out Of State?

    When I told Leith I could order at 7% below invoice (and I know a sales mgr pretty well), they said take the deal.
  8. Florida Jeep People: Is It Generally Better To Order Out Of State?

    Westgate sucks on getting a deal. I've tried numerous times and my latest attempt on a JT was sticker minus any rebates. They basically said the rebate was their dealer discount, but tried to disguise it as their discount. The rebate is a pass through and no rebates on a JL. One of the salesman...
  9. 2 door sunshade for 2018 JL

    the Alienshade doesn't cover as much as the other brands. Yeah order the 8" maybe 9" to be sure. Also you can stretch it more leaving in the paper and pulling on the other end at the same time.
  10. 2 door sunshade for 2018 JL

    @Friday2322 Here's how the Shadeidea front is installed (7 secs in). You can also just lower the windshield. I leave my front bungees in when I remove the shade. I like it open as possible when it's not too hot.
  11. 2 door sunshade for 2018 JL

    And what a stupid design flaw the vendor made there. They solved for a problem that didn't exist and added a problem (flimsy plastic clips that easily break).
  12. 2 door sunshade for 2018 JL

    I looked at that one I like it, but iirc it does not work with a soft top. I think I discovered that watching their video.
  13. 2 door sunshade for 2018 JL

    You should be able to use your current T-bungees. Shadeidea comes with the same bungees and a folded up piece of paper (folded several times) to help put the bungee through without the need for a plastic clip. The paper will rip at some point so find something better that is flexible. I think...
  14. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Watching my daughter using manual windows and locks is a real treat. She previously had a fully loaded car with proximity keyless entry.
  15. Florida Jeep People: Is It Generally Better To Order Out Of State?

    I just picked up my 2nd Jeep from Travis yesterday at 7% under invoice. Got both orders in 4 weeks. Easiest deals I've ever done. Highly recommend. No pressure from the finance manager for an extended warranty. He sells a ton of Jeeps to Floridians. Doc fee is $499,
  16. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    I would have ordered Sting Gray when I got my JLU (recently sold it for a JTM - the one in the last pic), but SG wasn't available in early 2018. Ordered a 2dr for my daughter. Just picked it up yesterday.
  17. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Ordered a Willys Sport for my daughter on 5/18, arrived at Tri City on 6/16. Picked it up yesterday. She wandered all over the road at first, but got the hang of it on the drive home. She loves it. Last pic is with my JTM.
  18. Who recently got a Jeep order?

    Ordered my daughter a Willys Sport on 5/18, arrived at Tri City on 6/16. Picked it up yesterday.
  19. North Carolina Outer Banks Trip Coming Up

    I really like Manteo from the few times I've visited the downtown area. It's quaint with some pretty good restaurants and bars. I'm really thinking about retiring there one day. I'd prefer to be on the beach, but I don't want to deal with Hwy 12 flooding out all the time and Manteo is just over...
  20. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    Yup, that's the exact deal Tri-City is still giving. Orders are taking about 4 weeks to get to Eden.