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  1. Removed AUX Battery

    Interestingly, before going with the single battery option (earlier today), I replaced both batteries.... Jeep still struggled to stay running and had all sorts of warning lights. I couldn't jump start it before replacing both batteries.... Was a bit of a disaster (all happened in a parking...
  2. Removed AUX Battery

    That's what I did today! So far, so good.
  3. Removed AUX Battery

    Thank you! I am now running with one battery (aux positive wired directly to main battery).... Hoping I didn't cause any other issues by doing that. Maybe I'll go to the genesis eventually... One thing at a time!! Thanks again!
  4. Removed AUX Battery

    Dual battery system? I successfully eliminated the aux... I'm a little worried about other consequences (I'm not knowledgeable about all of this... But figured I had better learn). I'm not sure why even with both new batteries I had trouble running my jeep (low voltage, crazy lights...
  5. Removed AUX Battery

    That's exactly what I did!! Wish I had read this first... It was challenging getting the positive through the small hole be describes. (really tight) I actually replaced both batteries at first, but jeep still wouldn't run properly. Someone on this forum suggested it could be my N3 fuse. That...
  6. Removed AUX Battery

    What did you do with the negative from the auxiliary? Just disconnect from main battery and leave it?
  7. Removed AUX Battery

    are you still running your wrangler with one battery?