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  1. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Lol. Never heard of that but sounds like a real thing. Curious though, in what usage is that derogatory? I can see having that on an electric vehicle if you aren’t sure you have infrastructure to charge etc.
  2. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Safety is vastly improved for rear end collisions though in the Prius via the pile of reusable shopping bags in the trunk. jeeps are extremely safe in my experience. My 2010 JK proved that to me. At 55mph tbone after they blew a stop sign. Seatbelt on and I didn’t even make contact with the...
  3. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Whilst I agree with that I haven’t seen any name calling in here aside from me saying that I inadvertently “tossed poop” calling it a Jeep Prius thus saying I was the poop tossing monkey and don’t think that qualifies as name calling. Lol. i do agree though that we should all be above that...
  4. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    To be fair I honestly think that torque numbers are “whatever”. With everything I did with my JK at no point was I wishing I had twice the torque. I did enjoy the small boost when I went from a 2010 with the 3.8 to the 2016 with 3.6 but for the abuse I put the 2016 through it handled it all like...
  5. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    I def did not expect this to go anywhere close to this. Maybe I haven’t been here too long and I’m not as familiar with it here but I was by no means intending to be the first monkey who starting flinging poo.
  6. What is this piece and where does it go?

    What he said. It is to hold the wiper plugs when you remove the top. Mounts right here.
  7. Just ordered my first Jeep!!!

    Congrats. Welcome to the lifestyle. Don’t forget to wave. Don’t be that guy. Trust me I know the couple of Jeep’s in town that consistently don’t wave and I judge them harshly. 😠. You will never stop thinking about what cool new stuff you can add to and do to your Jeep. You will find yourself...
  8. Offroad diesel

    I know some areas they do enforce regularly. I talked to the owner of the local station that has both pumps and he said that they do check trucks on Rt41. There is a SP barracks on that road and gets a moderate amount of truck traffic. Being a rural area I assume it is either the PSP or the...
  9. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Would they be able to put hub motors that could handle the typical Jeep torture? I assume obviously the ones on current cars are pretty water resistant but are they waterPROOF and able to get sunk in mud? I don’t know enough about them to say one way or another. Just an honest question. I like...
  10. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    All Js welcome. I kinda feel bad starting this as I was really just being silly having seen my first one, as I really am intrigued and like the thought of it. I am in the 90% on road camp but I use it for hunting, boating a lot of that 90. The other 10 is offroad when I have a chance to get to...
  11. Does the auto start stop system put more wear on motor

    Ah very interesting. I knew the MB does some pretty cool stuff with the engine for the ASS as far as compression and the internals but wasn’t sure how these operated. My diesel experience was limited to tractors and old diesel technology.
  12. Does the auto start stop system put more wear on motor

    Thankfully I have found this forum for a number of reasons. I learned quite a bit about diesel jeep ownership in just the past 3 days. This forum is active with new model Jeep owners where the other legacy forums just seem dead anymore. This site also doesn’t refresh the screen every time you...
  13. Does the auto start stop system put more wear on motor

    We have the ASS system in my wife’s MB and I rather like it. It is super smooth, very seamless and I have never been able to feel a difference in acceleration at startup from a stop. I really liked it. in my diesel wrangler JLU it seems much more violent. Now I know Diesel engines are a bit...
  14. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Wow. Wasn’t aware of that. This pretty much negates any of my ownership risks concerns outside of convenience if it is in the shop but that is negligible to me. Just as I said “I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about” -Mess262
  15. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Interesting. I guess my only thought why it might have been an option is due to the widespread use of Diesel engines for backup power generators.
  16. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    I suppose my opinion was that the Jeep Wrangler is as mentioned somewhere here previously in a different thread, the brand’s namesake. The Wrangler is one of the highest value retaining vehicles in the world.they sell more Wranglers than any other model. (US sales). Having a test bed on that...
  17. Is this too much rust after 3 years?

    I would say it looks pretty good. Looks about what my 6yr old JK looked like with PA winters and I dipped its rear in the Chesapeake about 50 times a year. I did however use fluid film every so often as well.
  18. Is it truly 470lbs torque all day or diminishing torque based on electric power

    Also I would think that there are very few real world instances when you need that much torque for a prolonged time. Even towing up a big hill would not be an event that would start you with a depleted hybrid battery and then lose torque rating. In reality the 4xe might be a better tow monster...
  19. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Very good points. We are in the camp (just preference as sometimes we would t realize the small income additions each month) that we over pay our taxes and then get a big refund at the end of the year with child credits and such. While not really a bonus as it is actually our money, it is nice...
  20. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    One thing I thought I saw is that there are some decent rebates or tax incentives on them so that could help make them a comparable option. That may vary state by state but I thought there were still some federal ones floating around for now.