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  1. How Can We Help?

    Im looking for the panel that covers the door electrical quick connect and strap on the drivers side. This is the number on the back, 6dw19trmaa lh. Google and every online parts place comes up empty. Can you help me with this?
  2. No sound from speakers

    Thank you ma’am. I’ll pm you with the details.
  3. JLU Full Length Sun Shade Mesh top for 4-Door Unlimited - 2018+ (New Body Style)

    No sir they didn't offer it in 16 only 17. Just had it repainted matte white.
  4. No sound from speakers

    BULL S***T! I dropped it off not working. Stopped working over 24 hours prior. @JeepCares will defiantly be hearing from me if that happens. Also the writer saw it not working the day it stopped. Swung in after it stopped and they said they didn't have time to look at it.
  5. No sound from speakers

    Mine in at the dealer now. I’m going to assume I have a different issue since the am did not work for me. Got to love the “I’ll call you tomorrow with an update” BS the writers give you. I’ll call today and see what they say.
  6. JLU Full Length Sun Shade Mesh top for 4-Door Unlimited - 2018+ (New Body Style)

    Too bad this isn't closer to Grabber Blue (mustang). Thinking of using Grabber as my accent color on our white JLUR. Will still order tho!!
  7. No sound from speakers

    I know taking the doors and top have to relation to the no sound but I’m going to put it all back together and unmarry the tazer. If still no sound off to the dealer I go.
  8. No sound from speakers

    Yep. Everything AM, soft and hard reboot, tazer reboot. Nadda
  9. Radio no sound

    Has all of these fix’s not worked for anyone? Nothing has worked for me yet, AM, soft reboot, hard reboot, unplugged the amp. Nadda.
  10. No sound from speakers

    Happened to me today, as soon as I told the doors and top off. 5 hours later still no sound.
  11. Constant tone from radio

    Like alternator whine? Our JL has this driving me crazy.
  12. Hood light bar - what is the best 30 inch mounts for the hood

    I did the RC, I do not recommend it. I mounts the bar so close to the hood that i get a massive glare when i turn it on. Makes it useless and will be pulling it off soon.
  13. Smittybilt X2O Install

    Looks good. Thank for the update on the 12k fitting.
  14. Factory bumper winch installs!!

    Yes, safer and easier to handle.
  15. Factory bumper winch installs!!
  16. Storage under rear seat

    My guess more people fold down the seat than would want to use something permanent under there.
  18. Factory bumper winch installs!!

    Crap wrong quote. That was for fish.
  19. Factory bumper winch installs!!

    Look at other installs of that plate, I believe you bolt the fairled plate to the bumper, leaving 4 exposed bolt heads up front.