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  1. Source: $2500 Base Price Increase for JL Wrangler

    Not that I like price increases but that's supply and demand for you though. And FCA is a public company charged with maximizing shareholder profits. So of course it's going to sell its cars for as much as it thinks it can get for them. Reason Jeep is worth more than the rest of FCA...
  2. If Chinese company buys Jeep, will Wrangler be affected?

    FCA is already not American owned anyway. So it'll just change from Italian to Chinese owned.
  3. Wardrobe malfunction exposes JL Wrangler rear

    But we're within 4 months of launch so doubt they're still testing on early prototypes.
  4. Verified: Remote Proximity Keyless Entry & Push Button Start for JL / JLU Wrangler

    If they get rid of the push button on the door handles I would think they do for the tailgate too. Will this come standard on Sahara or Rubicon?
  5. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    Is the 2018 JK being sold abroad alongside the JL? doesn't that add up to more certification and costs to get essentially two different models approved. They would really help their sales overseas if they brought that diesel asap.
  6. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    I may actually consider the turbo 4 if the diesel is not available right away. I'm not expecting much from the updated pentastar. It's going to need more than a few extra horsepower to sway me. The current one just feels totally gutless. I've driven a few turbo 4 bangers and while they were...
  7. Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck (JT) Spy Pics!

    That bed is so roughly attached I wouldn't put much stock in it other than that it was put on there for some very preliminary testing. I'd love to see the JT come looking just like the AEV Brute. This bed attached to the front end of the JL revealed last week would do very nicely.
  8. 2018 Wrangler Drops Camo, Shows Backup Camera, Roofline, Grab Handles, Signs of Foldable Windshield

    Will be nice if the standard hood has some more interesting styling to it like the YJ and TJ. Even if just a slight raised middle part like this.
  9. JT pickup has one less competitor

    On looks alone the Jeep truck will have this thing beat.
  10. Verified: Engine Start-Stop (ESS) Standard on 3.6L Pentastar 2018 Wrangler Engine

    Good point. Then there should be no reason that Jeep can't make it so that it remembers an OFF setting.
  11. JLU Wrangler testing with larger and wider tires (285/70/17)

    That's the route I'd take too. If it's only the wheels/tires compelling me to consider a higher trim I'll just get the base model and go aftermarket for the wheels and tires. Selling the factory set could help make up the price of the aftermarket set, and I'd have a pick of wheel style and tire...
  12. Verified: Engine Start-Stop (ESS) Standard on 3.6L Pentastar 2018 Wrangler Engine

    Could it be that the companies wouldn't be able to report the emissions and MPG gains from ESS if it was just an option that could be turned off permanently?
  13. Verified: Engine Start-Stop (ESS) Standard on 3.6L Pentastar 2018 Wrangler Engine

    If that OBD-II port device doesn't work, someone else will figure out ways to disable completely or at least have it remember last setting. I don't think you should let it affect your car purchase decision. We'll see it in all cars in a few years time so unless you plan to be used, you won't be...
  14. Leaked: 2018 Jeep Wrangler grille

    Fenders look about same width as they do on the JK?
  15. New Jeep Wrangler production/sales could top 450,000

    These projected sales numbers definitely included diesel models so I wonder how much the lack of a diesel option (if it comes to that) will affect the estimates.
  16. Jeep Truck just became more important

    Prob is the expected revenue from the JT was probably already baked into their financial plans for the next few years. So any fines they take on now will just be additional costs they didn't plan for. Also I know they projected they'd sell like 100k JT a year but wonder if diesel option never...
  17. Will Diesel Wrangler be Affected by Jeep and Ram's Alleged Diesel Cheating?

    Seriously. The new EPA incoming leadership will be more auto friendly so hopefully we see the diesel allegations resolved favorable and quickly. Would be a shame to be this close to a V6 diesel Wrangler and have it be stillborn. And funny how the current outgoing EPA decided to do a midterm...
  18. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Price?

    With the rumors lately of FCA possibly selling off Alpha and Fiat to pay off its current debt, the company is clearly not in good financial shape. So they better not screw up on pricing the JL/JT properly. The company's survival depends to large extent on the Wrangler containing to sell as well...
  19. Jeep CEO- new Wrangler "probably" not debuting until second half of 2017

    Cool looking if you're into minivans hah. The Wrangler JL wait continues... They'll probably take their sweet time introducing it. Seems like there's no rush since the JK will continue even when the JK production starts. So in their best interest to wait as long as possible so they don't...
  20. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    Not much of a chance of that unless battery capacity tech jumps by a lot during the JL life cycle. Range anxiety is real and if it exists for cars that are only driven on regular roads where you can access a charger fairly easily, imagine the range anxiety from taking a car way off road...