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  1. USB port was working now it isn’t sorta...

    Julie - How do I send you a PM? My 2019 JL Rubicon's VIN # is 1C4HJXCG2KW586315
  2. USB port was working now it isn’t sorta...

    Hi Alison, I would very much like some assistance with this ongoing and frustrating issue. Mostly, I would like to know what you can help me with to fix this UConnect/Carplay/USB Port issue. I am at my witts end with this and believe it is completely inexcusable that Fiat/Chrysler/Jeep/Mopar...
  3. USB port was working now it isn’t sorta...

    I have had ongoing issues with the Center Console, UConnect, Carplay, phone charging, USB's disconnected, reconnected, disconnected again, for no apparent reason, etc. These issues are so exhausting as you described in this post. I have a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and very recently I had the...
  4. Apple Car Play is Intermittent

    :no::angry: I'm sorry to tell you that the issue you mentioned happens to me in my 2019 JL Rubicon daily.
  5. Intermittent issues with Uconnect 8.4

    I have had my 2019 JL Rubicon in at the Jeep dealer here in Huntsville, AL for Uconnect issues and of course no issues were found when I had it there. My radio, of course, does not need an update according to the Uconnect sw site. Today, during about a 5 mile drive home, Uconnect started and...
  6. uConnect/iPhone music issue

    I have a '19 JL Ruby with the 8.4 system and an Iphone 6S with IOS 12.14. I have given up trying to play music from my phone/bluetooth and using the App on my phone is not really important to me. . The Car Play app works well only about 1/2 the time. And when Car Play is working good, it will...
  7. 2020 Diesel JL Wrangler officially announced, with 260hp / 442lb-ft and new 8 speed

    Well look at that! Only think I don't understand is why the ESS seems to be an added feature/option. Our ESS quit working in our 2019 Rubicon and we couldn't be more elated!
  8. CarPlay problems

    We have the same problems with our 2019 JL not recognizing the CarPlay and it's intermittent problems with a black/blank screen and it is terribly frustrating with our 2019 Rubicon only being a few months old.. Currently our VIN # doesn't show that a sw update is available but we will kee! checking.
  9. July 4th week - Post Your Pics!

    Here a few pics from Desoto State Park, AL and Lookout Mountain, GA
  10. ESS ???

    Same daily protocol for me and my Rubi. Worry about over-using my starter and wasting gas every time the ESS kicks in.
  11. New Jeep owner

    I have brand new 2019 JL 2 door Rubicon hard top and first time Jeep Owner. Today I tried to use my back wiper which was today, it was not operable. We looked at the wiring harness and found that it was plugged into the connector in the back where you would store the connecter if you take the...
  12. UConnect Firmware Update

    My 8.4 is up-to=-date per the UConnect site, too and I cannot get the UConnect App to work at all. I have an Apple iPhone and apparently the UConnect App issue is really with my phone.
  13. How to I update the Uconnect 7" screen?

    I entered my VIN and UConnect said it has no updates. I am only trying to play music using the USB and play music from my iPhone (no Carplay) and although UConnect will play my music from the USB connection sometimes, when it doesn't feel like playing, it gives me an error that my device is not...
  14. Bright White Rubicon

    I am a first time Jeep Owner but love my 2019 Bright White JL Ruby!
  15. Driving our JL To Costa Rica

    I have been to Costa Rica on a Mission Trip and it is such a beautiful place. Make sure you visit the Coffee Plantations and all the beaches and most of all have an amazing time and be safe!
  16. Issues programming HomeLink Garage Door

    I set mine up today but had to look it up under the Apps. You will need to have a pretty new model Garage Door Opener with Wifi capability too.
  17. Garage door button on sunvisor ?

    I set mine up today with no issues. Will Homelink only open/close my Garage doors when the engine is running?
  18. 2020 Wishlist

    A permanent way to disable ESS or memory option