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  1. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    Have you been through the fuse box and seated all of the relays and fuses? I found over 2/3rd of them not pushed all the way down. No problems in 4,000 miles.
  2. Teansfer Case cable adjustment

    The dealership adjusted mine and I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I can say that it is still stupid hard to shift into or out of anything but 4H.
  3. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Some of you have absolutely no conception of tolerances in engineering. Insisting on a specifically designed spring set will result in you paying more for a kit “touted” as designed for a diesel when in reality it is the same stuff. Your money.‍:clap:
  4. Diesel Lift Kit?

    DEF weighs slightly more than water. 8.4lbs/gl. The diesel has two catalysts and a DPF plus larger exhaust tubing. That’s some of the missing weight.
  5. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Mine is a diesel and it looks dead level.
  6. Diesel Lift Kit?

    It would have to be for an exact same package with only the engine being different for a watermelon to watermelon comparison. There are so many packages that I would imagine that there may be a couple of dozen different springs used.
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    505 diesel vs 337 3.6l. 168lbs. The rest of the weight has to with exhaust processing and DEF eqpt. What is the GVW of a gas JLU? My D is 5800. If the gasser is the same then FCA most likely used the same springs on both. until someone actually scales both then we won’t know exactly what...
  8. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Found the weights. The ecodiesel is 168lbs heavier than the 3.6l. Really doesn’t warrant a special set of springs.
  9. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I seriously doubt the diesel adds 375lbs to the front end. Maybe 375 total over both axles and a good bit of that is the exhaust processing plant and def tank eqpt.
  10. Any engine with ESS

    New stupidity from the ESS. Forgot to turn it off. Pulled into the garage and it shut the engine off almost instantly when I stopped. Put it in park and it restarts just so I can shut the engine down. Lots of attention paid to the programming!
  11. Teansfer Case cable adjustment

    Glad I found this. Same issue on my Willys. Scary as hell to have it pop out of 4lo when on a long steep shelf road!
  12. 1st oil change for diesel?

    Where are you? Most places I’ve been over the last few years diesel runs 25-55 cents higher than 87 octane gasoline. This totally negates the improved fuel economy.
  13. Any engine with ESS

    Belt driven starter and low compression 10hp engine
  14. Any engine with ESS

    Same reason there is section in the diesel supplement telling us how long to idle before shutting down based on how hard the engine has been working. In this case the EGT temp would be a proxy for the temps of the turbo itself. Surely it watches the EGT to determine whether it can shut off or...
  15. Any engine with ESS

    On hybrid vehicles with large battery packs, electric AC compressor and a generator that reverses function to spin the engine to restart it, ESS is fine. Utilizing a conventional starter and losing all AC when it activates is a pain in the butt. Had a VW Jetta rental a few weeks ago. The car...
  16. Diesel fuel polishing

    Might be worth a look. An extremely minuscule amount of water can wreck the entire fuel system. Hopefully factory filtration has gotten better. Ford was the worst with the 6.7L. Lots of $12,000 fuel system repairs that Ford refused to warranty.
  17. Scarcity?

    Sticker. Invoice is a moving target that I never could get a straight answer on. Sales folk out and out lie about it.
  18. 1st oil change for diesel?

    Others answered the oil type. My wife followed myself and the fifthwheel for 400 miles last week. At those speeds 65-70 the Jeep hand calculated at 28.9mpg.
  19. Scarcity?

    I was going to order one in HellaYella almost exactly like the one I found 100 miles away. The only sacrifice made was the larger touch screen. Offered 10% under, no BS! They agreed. it was a cancelled special order.
  20. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Difference on the front axle or overall? I can see 400lbs overall to account for the engine weight, exhaust processing plant and DEF tank and fluid.