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  1. 2021 Backup Camera Downgrade?

    After hearing that complaint from a few others, I do believe I have a dud also!
  2. 2021 Backup Camera Downgrade?

    I just posted the same issue on a FB Group, and I was going to post it here. I searched first and we are in total agreement! My friend's 2011 Honda Odyssey has much better image quality. It's really a pathetic situation.
  3. Poor seat design

    THANKS ALL! I went ahead and ordered the @DesertDoesIt seat jackers. I'll let you know how they work out.
  4. Poor seat design

    I have adjusted the lumbar knob.
  5. Poor seat design

    Yes, I have one on backorder. Thanks!
  6. Poor seat design

    I had a new 2000 Tacoma TRD and IMO the seats were way better in those. My most recent other vehicle a 2013 Honda Fit Sport I bought new in Oct 2102 has really "buckety" seats that still feel good after 141k miles. I'm going to try those desert does it seat jackers. I think that'll help a lot...
  7. Poor seat design

    Thanks, I have a dead pedal on backorder with Quadratec. However the seat still doesn’t have much side support either.
  8. Poor seat design

    This looks just like what I need! Thanks so much!
  9. Poor seat design

    I’ve had my new JLUR with cloth seats for 5 weeks. I’m just under 5’8”, with a 30” inseam. I suffer from a back injury that happened more than 30 years ago. My issue is I can’t seem to get comfortable in the seat, no matter how I adjust it. It’s actually the most uncomfortable seat I’ve ever...
  10. Katzkin, PRP, or other seat covers?

    Hi BR, I see you’re in AVL. I’m over in Franklin. I ordered mine from PRP on 4/13. Still waiting. Now reading ODDs install timeframe, I wished I paid to have them installed ha!
  11. do I need a faraday enclosure for Remote-Start fob?

    Thanks, I went ahead and ordered this:
  12. do I need a faraday enclosure for Remote-Start fob?

    Of course I have insurance on a new vehicle, but that doesn't mean I want to get hacked. ;)
  13. do I need a faraday enclosure for Remote-Start fob?

    I’m assuming not, since I don’t have the proximity fob? TIA
  14. How Can We Help?

    Thanks. Bummer! Too bad the designers didn't figure that out.
  15. How Can We Help?

    I have a JLUR on factory order with front facing camera. In addition to the JT, I assume this hood lock also doesn't work with the JL and FF camera?
  16. Katzkin, PRP, or other seat covers?

    They do look like what I'm after. Do they feel like fabric, or plasticy? I see you're in AZ where the humidity is much lower than Swamp Ass Summer here. Thanks
  17. Dealer Quandary

    I want to thank everyone for their insights and let you know that I went with Travis at Tri-City and placed my order on Friday! He was definitely the most responsive and certainly most professional dealership I inquired with. Stoked to get on board!
  18. Dealer Quandary

    The local dealer gave me net price, but couldn't disclose discounts off of that.