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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    If you are open to traveling, anyway, check out Jim Butler Jeep in Linn, MO. Ask for Steve Boeckmann and tell him Dave Rudloff and the JL forum sent you his way. I would be interested to hear how he stacked up to the others you mentioned, also. Edit - D'oh! Odierub beat me to it.
  2. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    The easy power and wiper fluid disconnects for the hard top, and an included clip to hold each when the top is off. My TJ didn't have that. The rubber pads that separate the hard top from the body are bolted on with the JL...on my TJ there were two on the front edge that fell off and tried to...
  3. Advice on Hardtop for Soon to be Owner

    Out of stock, already? Wow, I guess I just squeaked my order in! Quadratec shows it may still ship by July 22 if you order through them. The Lange Gen 2 specs say it is adjustable from 80" to 104". My garage door is 81" and my joists are 97". Since I have a stock Rubicon with no additional...
  4. Advice on Hardtop for Soon to be Owner

    You will not be able to remove it alone. I have a 2-door, and while the top is still heavy even with the freedom panels removed, it is simply too awkward for one person to muscle without a lot of risk (for both damage and injury). I just bought a Lange Gen-2 Hoist-A-Cart. It arrived yesterday...
  5. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    Uh, what kind of "rubber duck" is that? That looks much more like a "Jello duck" than a rubber duck. It was freakin' translucent, and the eyes and beak look like they were painted by an amatuer. Those pics look like a set-up, to me.
  6. WTF Jeep?

    A piece of paper taped to a charging station is now "militant"???
  7. Lange Hoist-a-Cart Gen 2 clearance for stock JLR

    Since Quadratec had the Lange in stock, I went ahead and bought one. I am fairly confident I won't have clearance issues. But, if I do, I'll just have to move the Jeep to the other garage.
  8. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Our Cryptosticker electronic version of the window sticker did not have our name on it. The one stuck on the windshield upon delivery did.
  9. Lange Hoist-a-Cart Gen 2 clearance for stock JLR

    I am on the cusp of purchasing a Lange Hoist-a-Cart Gen 2. But, I have a short garage. If any of you have a stock Rubicon and are using the Lange Gen 2, could you tell me what your clearance is for the top of the Lange arm? My garage door is 81" tall, which will allow a fully assembled Lange...
  10. Should I get a new Wrangler?

    You still have a new Jeep. If it is fulfilling your needs, resist the urge to splurge on the "new thing". Even if you get the '21 JLUR, in '22 there will be another "new thing" to tempt you. If you can resist that urge and be satisfied with what you have, you will be way ahead of most of your...
  11. Recommended Dealers List

    No trade in. Tread Lightly is the FCA Affiliate program. They are the same. My $41,305 price did include that discount. Another option I neglected to list that affected my price was I chose cloth seats. I did NOT get a discount for taking their financing, because to get that discount ($1,000)...
  12. How do you guys feel about spare tire covers?

    I don't like them. My wife wants one. I think I can talk her out of it by using the back-up camera as an excuse, and by baiting her with other, more practical mods for the money.
  13. Recommended Dealers List

    I give a nod of approval to Jim Butler Jeep in Linn, MO. Specifically, to Steve Boeckmann, my sales guy. I called and told him I had seen him recommended on this forum, and was curious what kind of price he could give me. The initial quote had my attention! I settled on my options ('21 JLR...
  14. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    It took 3 months to come in, but yesterday I finally picked up my Jeep! I haven't driven a stick since my TJ, which I got rid of in 2011. I am rusty.
  15. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    After a 3-month wait, I finally picked up my Jeep yesterday. That means I will be saying "adios, amigo" to this thread. 😎 I shall now spend more time in the General section and much less time in the Ordering, Pricing, Etc section!
  16. BonusDrive

    I haven't followed through to completion because I don't take possession of my Jeep until tomorrow, but when I entered my NRA membership number it appeared to be all systems green. I guess I will see what happens tomorrow night when I attempt to close the deal after finishing the purchase process.
  17. Still waiting Ordered NEW JL 2 Door white Rubicon

    I ordered my 2-door Rubicon, 3.6L manual on 3/17/21 and still haven't received it. As said above...better start flexing that patience muscle...
  18. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    I want a Jeep because I want a JEEP (GP, CJ, and Wrangler). I am fully aware that Jeep has a diverse line, and historically, some of those models have been iconic (Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Cherokee [had 2 myself], Wagoneer, etc). But, when someone says, "Jeep", what is the FIRST thing that...
  19. Waiting on a special order Wrangler?

    That is pretty quick, and many people should not expect to be so fortunate. I ordered mine on 3/17...almost 12 weeks ago. I still haven't taken delivery (although it is supposed to be in transit, finally).