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  1. Help identify the car!!! My Jeep got hit and run

    Would your uninsured motorist coverage come into play here?
  2. Recommended Dealers List

    Then you have other options. Take advantage of that.
  3. Recommended Dealers List

    With the current Jeep (and most other brands) shortages across the nation, many, if not most, dealers are doing exactly the same thing. As with many things in life, timing is key. Buying now is going to be tough and expensive. I ordered mine at the beginning of February. The after-the-holidays...
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    I've purchased three vehicles from Poe Motors over the past 12 years. Never a single issue with the sale or service.
  5. When you see stupid stuff post it here.

    Salt water and vehicles =/= "good idea." I knew a guy who had a new 83 Toyota 4WD truck he drove through the surf. By 1988 it was a rust bucket. And this guy took good care of stuff. That salt water gets into places you'll never wash/rinse it out of.
  6. Who ordered their JL

    Ordered my 2dr 80th Edition on Feb 2nd and it arrived March 15th. I kinda doubt that current delivery would be that quick.
  7. New Legit Medical Reason - Quieting the JT or JL Cabin

    Don't know how much this will help, but... My '21 80th Edition has the sound deadening headliner installed and it's really effective at keeping the cabin quiet. I was expecting that it might help, but it far exceeded my expectation.
  8. Some dirt bag rifled through my Jeep last night

    True Can't lock a door that isn't there.
  9. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    I carry a 38 snub in a pocket holster. If I remember to do it, I'll take it out of my pocket (in the holster) and stuff it between the seat and console. Works for me.
  10. How did you decide on your engine?

    1. Cost: With the 8spd auto, the 3.6 was an additional $1500 or so. 2. Comparison: I test drove both a 3.6 and 2.0 and was favorably impressed with the 2.0 zip. 3. Simplicity: The 3.6 included E-torque. I just wanted to avoid another layer of possible maintenance issues. 4. Found out the 2.0 is...
  11. Would you buy another 2.0T? Why? Why not?

    I'll admit that I was a little skeptical of the 2.0 T, even though I test drove one and thought it had a surprising amount of pep. After three months, I'm thinking this is a really fine motor. The tiny displacement doesn't hinder its performance one bit. And I appreciate the decent gas mileage...
  12. Some dirt bag rifled through my Jeep last night

    Please, people... Lock your doors. Your vehicle, your home, your garage. It isn't difficult or time consuming. 🙄
  13. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension

    Not difficult at all. Just pull the pins, rotate upwards and replace the pins. To reconnect, you just do the opposite, but parking on an even surface is a must.
  14. Whats Your Other ride?

    My other ride is a 2017 Renegade Trailhawk
  15. Just got home from Bronco event...

    Having worked in American manufacturing, I can assure you that short sighted management and an obsession with "just in time" supply chains are dominant and this situation is the inevitable result. ;)
  16. Lost backup camera guide lines

    They are for some of us who need to use reverse in tight situations on a regular basis. If that's not you, then please relax. ;)
  17. Any tips/tricks/words of advice/wisdom for a newbie?

    Some easy, affordable recommendations: 1. AVS window vent shades. 2. Bug deflector for the hood. 3. Windshield sun shade...
  18. Lost backup camera guide lines

    The dealers are powerless in this mess. It's a Uconnect software issue that Jeep/FCA/Stellantis simply hasn't addressed over the past three years. We're all waiting for a fix that should have been done long ago and yet they're STILL turning out defective products from the factory.
  19. Memorial Day

    Lest we forget...
  20. Some people’s kids...

    There's no accounting for some folks' stupidity. They're among us now, just as they always have been.