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  1. Maryland (4) Rubicon Gladiator Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    Came off my Gladiator with 500 miles on them. $1,000 OBO
  2. Production Hold: 2021 Moving to 2022

    I spoke with Jeep Chat today, I passed edit but haven't been assigned a VIN... I guess I am stuck in BG?
  3. 392 Order Placed - Tell me I’m not crazy 😂

    A hemi in a wrangler isn’t a new thing and most who did the swaps ran larger tires. My plan is to stay stock but go with 35s to fill the extra 1 inch of lift over the stock rubicon. Going to 35s wouldn’t make a difference at all. 40s sure...
  4. 392 Order Placed - Tell me I’m not crazy 😂

    That price is hard to swallow. May want to shop around, I will say my dealer who I’ve used many times is selling at MSRP or maybe.... less 😉
  5. 392 Order Placed - Tell me I’m not crazy 😂

    Thank you to everyone for confirmation. 😂 Looking forward to seeing the first 392 on the road and following everyone’s builds.
  6. 392 Order Placed - Tell me I’m not crazy 😂

    Ordered today... Options: Black Paint Power top Mud terrains Tow package Forward facing camera Hinge gate reinforcement All weather floor mats MSRP $79,220
  7. Maryland Few random Items... Key, Hardtop panel storage bag, Mopar wood crate

    Make me an offer, will give you a great deal if you take all 3 off my hands... - Key fob - mopar hardtop panel storage bag - mopar jeep crate that the lift kit comes in
  8. Maryland Gladiator Rubicon Upgraded Factory Black Wheels and MT Tires w/TPMS - 5 wheels/tires. MAKE AN OFFER

    Bump.. lots of feelers no firm offer yet, first $1,200 takes them as it seems to be the market.
  9. Maryland Gladiator Rubicon Upgraded Factory Black Wheels and MT Tires w/TPMS - 5 wheels/tires. MAKE AN OFFER

    For Sale. All 5... Factory Black Rims, Tires (Falken Wildpeak M/T), lugs and TPMS. 455 miles on the tires. MAKE AN OFFER, Will consider fair offers, don't be shy ;) (more pictures coming) TO BE CLEAR, these came off a Gladiator. So the 5th Wheel is a steel wheel spare. See picture.
  10. Lost all audio...

    Second this..... It happen to me this morning. The ONLY way to get it back was to go to AM then back to XM. This is getting embarrassing. First my back up camera lines disappeared, then my OR pages disappeared, and then music stopped working. ALL since the last update.
  11. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Nope! Been in the Jeep for over an hour. No OR pages.
  12. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Received my update Monday 9/17. As of Friday 9/21 they were gone and no where to be found. Jeep should be embarrassed by the botched roll out! @JeepCares
  13. OTA Update is finally here!

    Update made its way to Maryland! Build date was early May 2018. Started download right before I was getting out of the Jeep. The screen popped up so I hit the download button. Turned off the Jeep and went about my business. To my surprise, when I got back in an hour or so later the update was...
  14. Roll Bar Vibration Premium Sound System

    Does anyone else get an aweful sounding vibration from the plastic roll bar speaker surround? It seems to happen randomly......
  15. For Antenna Windshield Folks

    It’s factory. Has Mopar in bottom left corner, has a valid part number and says acoustic. Also has the Willy’s Jeep in the bottom right. If you call your dealer they can validate it’s legit factory glass. Why they are making it, no one knows. To be honest you can barely notice it (especially...
  16. For Antenna Windshield Folks

    Because it’s a windshield and it is the factory correct glass for a 2018 JLU. It just happens to have an antenna in the glass. It doesn’t affect anything. My guess is, it is an FM antenna that they either will be utilizing in future or thought they would. Either way I really didn’t care since...
  17. For Antenna Windshield Folks

    The million dollar question lol
  18. For Antenna Windshield Folks

    I was annoyed with the unfinished exposed antenna connection. Now it at least looks like it’s finished.