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  1. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    ive heard during this time though, many are not honoring that.
  2. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    If you go through gupton, you more than likely wont get tax benefits by trading anyway. They prefer you to sell first before ordering because their trade values are sooo low compared to other dealers. Their reasoning, is they can sell new orders for much less than a used vehicle on the lot, so...
  3. Gorilla Glass

    how will you be able to tell the gorilla glass from just a normal glass install?
  4. East TN Members

    Any East TN peeps dealt with any dealers lately through the vehicle shortage craze etc?
  5. Tennessee Rubicon Fender Flares - High Top - Black w/ LED Lights - $325

    Im in East TN and am curious if still available too.
  6. Tennessee 5 Milestar Patagonia Tires 315/70/17

    Ever come toward East TN? I come that way sometimes, but not sure when I need to come toward nashville again.
  7. JLUR rear tailgate glass exploded on a freeway

    for that one video...are you sure someone in the passing truck didnt do something when passing?
  8. Upgrade to a JT?

    Love mine.
  9. Washington Mopar Auxiliary Switch Bank $150 Shipped

    Please let me know if this falls through.
  10. Wave at Gladiators?

    Not true!! Just maybe not in your area.
  11. Wave at Gladiators?

    haha. I was being sarcastic and pointing fingers at OP. :)
  12. Wave at Gladiators?

    Well...sounds like my type isnt wanted over here. Maybe I need to just venture onto the Gladiator board instead of reading over here too!
  13. Do you all have bow like this with level spacers?

    Hopefully that takes care of yours. It seems to on mine. It was quick and easy to do.
  14. Do you all have bow like this with level spacers?

    Here are after pics. Passenger side and then driver side.
  15. Do you all have bow like this with level spacers?

    alright. I just got through popping in some daystar correct pads for mopar coils. I must say I am happy, and now my springs look good. Could be just my mind, but it feels like it rides a little better and maybe popped the front up a smidge.
  16. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    well dang. I was considering taking mine to them for a TSB fix, because I had heard good things about them...but now i dunno.
  17. Tennessee Mopar Mounting Bracket Lower A-Pillar

    I am interested as well. How much to get them to me in Knoxville?
  18. Anyone running these 9" Kiwi Master Cross halo LED headlights

    ttps:// Those that are, can you see ok with them? I got a set recently, and have them on my 1.5" leveled Sport S (rubicon springs) with 35" tires. I put them on and without the adjustment springs/bolts the headlight...