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  1. JL in Europe

    wow, rubicon starts at 70Κ euros in Greece and the show model was 85.900 euros which is 97.000 dollars
  2. TFL Car Takes the JL (2.0) on the Rubicon Trail

    Seems like the 2LT is solid, although they didn't talk much about the engine, maybe they will comment next episode
  3. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    in the German Jl configurator they charge 590 euros for the mate colors and 890 for the metallics
  4. EURO 2.2L DIESEL top gear has a quick comparison of the 2 engines as applied to the stelvio

    What do you guys think about the above engine? In Europe we have a choice between this and the 2L turbo. I guess we ll have to wait for the test drives..
  6. JL in Europe "However, sources in the industry said that the US ambassador to Germany had told managers from major German car manufacturers at a meeting on Wednesday that if the EU scrapped duties on US cars imported...
  7. JL in Europe

    top gear uk review: "The tyres, if you plump for the Rubicon spec, are massive 33-inch affairs" I thought it was 32-inch for the euro spec?
  8. Disappointed in initial Quality

    total system failure at 8:40
  9. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    wow, this is the bluest thing I have ever seen
  10. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    the blue one around 7:00 it looks good!
  11. No way I would order a Green Jeep. man no way

    I also want green but I'm just not good enough to deserve green.. the most I deserve is gray.
  12. Detroit Auto Show Pictures

    we need those black wheels on the Hella Yella..
  13. Pictures from Detroit Auto Show? Anyone....Bueller?

    edit: thought it was from Detroit, it is from the 2018 Montreal Auto Show but anyway..
  14. JL in Europe

    I don't understand why they hate so much Europe, all we wanted was to get EXACTLY the same products as our American friends, is that so unreasonable?
  15. Stop complaining about the red dash in the Rubicon!

    according to interviews with jeep officials we will eventually be able to choose colors other than menstruation red
  16. JLWF + TFLcar Live Interactive Show Coming Thurs. Dec. 21. Submit your requests/questions!

    I hope they are not planning to answer all these questions on a ten minute live video, they will need 30 minutes just to read the questions so a couple of hours video would be nice.
  17. Tan or Black interior color? Which one do you prefer and why?

    punk'n metallic and mojito! clear coat external colors FORCE the tan interior so for these 2 colors there is no choice
  18. I give you Sting-Gray!

    sting is somewhere between silver and granite