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  1. Illinois Soft Top Summer Ready Package

    How much do you want for " window carrying case "
  2. First Impressions 3.45 to 4.56 Gears

    I am in the same boat and Thank you for this post as this is exactly what I was looking with my Sahara on 35". I have a lifetime warranty, how does regearing affect this? Does it have to be done at a dealer, or certified shop? Thank you
  3. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    FYI, for a short time problem went away and now it is back. Need to schedule a dealer visit to have them inspect it.
  4. Jeep Dog pics

    Wolfe with me and a kid exploring Telluride CO
  5. Should I air down for wet / snowy roads? Nitto 35” Ridge Grapplers

    Don’t air up for sure and don’t air down I am in northern burbs Chicago as well.Take a lead shoe off and you would be fine. MyJLU allows me to be in 4H all the time so this Sunday on 94 that is what I was doing remember. Easy throttle easy break and keep your distance and ya shall be fine ps...
  6. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Yeah. I think you are asking a bit much
  7. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Remove from Jeep. Plug into laptop, upgrade/ plug back into Jeep enjoy
  8. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Here is a video. Took 6 presses and turned all lights off
  9. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    You can do that by cycling to that function and it will turn everything off
  10. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    It is how it is intended. Useful when you have to play “you can’t see me until you have to” :) works for detective mode, not legal while driving that is why they automatically turn lights ononce you hit 5mph
  11. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Most of these petty stuff is used as add on for people who play stupid games be polite, be respectful
  12. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Can’t change your mind or your experiences. What I would highly suggest is no one do what you are suggesting by changing settings and say what you suggested most cruisers have video recording that is activated and records before lights are turned on. Such recording would have that blinking...
  13. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Not quiet brother. Gun laws are not the same as all car laws. For instance IN and WI allow front doors tinted windows and people from other states driving in IL would not be ticked, yet until recently IL drivers were getting ticketed for same tint as for NY, I agree with you. It is a shit hole...
  14. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Glad I found this thread. Just updated software and activated blinking light thank you gang
  15. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    not saying it could not be a problem. but if it was a problem with corrosion, radio would be constantly cycling. Yet, it only does it 3-4 times. I do now and then have hour plus drive and once it is done its initial cycling it does not cycle until next start up
  16. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    Having same issue with my 18 JLU. about a month ago it started happening almost every time I start it. Radio 8.4 screen would cycle about 3-4 times on/off before anything would work. So annoying as it would take about 10 min and most of my drives are 10-15 long. So, sounds like replacement is...
  17. UConnect screen wear

    Cmarez93, did you get this resolved? I have the same issue on my 18 JLU and no, no chemicals and no nails were applied like some suggested
  18. Mopar protection extended plan buy back

    and only reason I am not trading my 18 JLU for a new JLUR
  19. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Thank you Bill. That "F" sure did the trick for driver door wiring. Yet, front door handles and cap shows parts "Not Available" for sale. I guess maybe I should call BAM and talk to them. Thank you