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  1. Show off your Tailgate Tables!

    I too have the Outback Adventures Tailgater. I use it as a place to display some of the places I’ve been in the Jeep as well as my badges in addition to being a good spot for lunch on the trail.
  2. Texas Warn M8000 winch

  3. Western WY

    If anyone is local or in the area of Jackson/Dubois/Bondurant, WY on the 26th of July I will be doing some exploring and perhaps tackling the Monument Ridge BOH trail. I will be driving into Dubois on the 25th and have to pick up my wife in Jackson on the 27th, but wanted to spend the day of the...
  4. Texas Warn M8000 winch

    I have a Warn M8000 winch on a hitch mount with a roller fairlead and quick connect and cover. I also have a brand new in box cable to run to the battery with the other quick connect as well as a snatch block. I am asking $200 for all of it. I will post pictures a little later today. Local...
  5. Texas Race Ramps

    I have a pair of 2 piece Race ramps (67", 1500 lb capacity ea.) and the additional extenders to change the approach angle to 6.6 degrees. I bought these back when I had a Corvette. It made getting under the car for maintenance much easier and no need for a low profile jack. I have no real use...
  6. Texas 5 used Factory Rubicon K02s

  7. Texas Factory Steel Rear Bumper

    Bump for the new week and price drop!
  8. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    Thank you for the confirmation Jon.
  9. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    Well, maybe MC changed their design slightly or the gif is not 100% accurate to design. I'd be curious to find out.
  10. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    Yes up and out. Here are some photos for reference. Last picture is as close to full lock as I can get without someone sitting in the Jeep and holding the wheel.
  11. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    Also to the OP, I went with an Adams driveshaft. It was slightly cheaper to order it separately from the MC kit. I haven't heard too much about the MC driveshaft but the same installer who I talked to about the backspacing said he hadn't had anyone come back with issues on the MC shaft.
  12. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    I was told this by a local installer prior to me doing the install. I have not had it fully flexed yet, but my understanding is the rubbing would occur on the outboard shock mount on the ID of the wheel. This would occur at full lock when turning whether flexed or not. I have no rubbing at full...
  13. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    I just installed the 3.5 Gamechanger with Rocksport shocks. I have 4.75" backspacing on my wheels and I am not incurring any rubbing. I was told if you have a Rubicon their axles are slightly wider and therefore a slightly higher backspacing will be okay. Anything more than 4.75" I cannot...
  14. Texas 5 used Factory Rubicon K02s

    Bump with price drop.
  15. Texas Factory Steel Rear Bumper

    Bump for the weekend.
  16. PICS! Before and After Lift Pics!

    Metalcloak 3.5” Gamechanger and 37" Nitto Trail Grapplers wrapped around Fifteen52 Traverse HD wheels
  17. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    I have done at least one long trip each year for the past two years and planning another one for July. Two years ago I went from Houston, TX to the Bighorn Mountains in northern Wyoming, total drive time of about 20 hours each way. Last year I did from Houston to Ouray, CO which was about 18...
  18. ABS and Parking Brake lights

    Yes, when I said flash, I just meant they lit up. They do stay on until I hit the gas and then they go out just as you describe. Sorry if there was any confusion in my terminology. As soon as I went into the live functions and turned the brake hold function off on the Tazer, this no longer...
  19. ABS and Parking Brake lights

    Yes, for me that is what happens. Once you hold the brake for two seconds the hold function engages and when it does, the lights flash. As soon as you hit the gas the brakes let go and the lights go out.