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  1. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    I have the 3.6 and with 35" tires and a normal load it does fine at any altitude, even above treeline (roughly 12,000'). But I would have bought a turbo if I could have found one with the other options I wanted. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is that normally aspirated engine loses...
  2. Anyone else having issues with push button start?

    I don't think it's the ESS battery, as it happened to me and I don't have an ESS battery. I'm now running the two battery setup from Genisis Offroad. Anyway, when it happened to me, I got a "key fob has left the vehicle" message, and it happened while the Jeep was still running after about a...
  3. 2021 engine bay has a new item by alt

    Has anyone figured out if this thing can be retrofitted to a 2018 yet? I really want this upgrade.
  4. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    Well two weeks post install and I already had to jump start myself thanks to leaving lights on. I hadn't actually tested the setup yet but it worked as intended. Saved my posterior big time. This is a big peace of mind mod for me.
  5. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    Just ordered one of these as I found myself stuck on the trail last weekend. Is my big battery bad? My little one? As I understand it both can cause the rig not to crank. What a crappy stock setup. So, this is mostly to give me peace of mind, and maybe someday I'll be running accessories too...
  6. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    I don't the the LEO were using excessive force here. But my question: is it a manual transmission? I'm trying to figure out how he was suddenly going backwards and not skidding. Either he shifted his auto into neutral very quickly or put the clutch in on a manual. Almost an impressive recovery.
  7. Colorado FS: Five BFG K02s 33" size (285 70 17)

    For my neighbor. Listed previously but buyer failed to pick up. Tires look to be in good shape to me. For local pickup only.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yeah, as other have said, very unsafe. The passenger side dash splits horizontally right down the middle when the airbag deploys. You can't really know this unless you remove the dash and look at it from behind, which I did when I replaced my dash. It looks like a solid piece, but if you look...
  9. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier
  10. Colorado Used Stock Rubicon Tires - 33" BFG K02

    My neighbor who is not on this forum asked me to help him get the word out on his stock Rubicon tires, which he is selling only because he is upgrading to larger. They have about 10k miles on them. They appear to be in good shape. Local pickup in Denver area. Here's the listing on the bay...
  11. Does anyone have this grille?

    To me it looks like a Toyota front. And it does have a slight angry eyes look as well. And does it cover up part of the headlights? I guess I don't understand the point. But I don't understand the point of a lot of the mods people do that are purely about looks. That being said, I'm of the...
  12. Need help deciding between 2018 JL Rubicon or 2020 Sahara Altitude

    Sahara is definitely the right call. And I agree with the poster who said that prices will be dropping quickly soon. Hang out for a bit and get yourself a bargain.
  13. Spring Thank YOU Event Starts NOW at Discount Tire Direct!

    I tried your configurator and it doesn't work for my '18 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon JL. I also tried for a '20 and that didn't work either.
  14. Leather Dash w/ Red Stitching from JT Launch Edition fits JL

    No idea. I have an '18, and it fit just fine.
  15. FCA CarPlay Complaint

    On mine, I can access a small number of Playlists while driving, so I've made a few and that works well enough for me. But I agree, the nanny stuff is annoying.
  16. Sticker philosophy

    I don't put any stickers at all on mine unless they add horsepower or inches of clearance.