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  1. Well-made things you get pleasure from using

    Lately it's been my Snapon tq wrenches, BCM SBR, and KTM 500.
  2. Suggestions for cleaning the interior?

    This blower nozzle with an air compressor somehow makes for extreme blowing when compared to regular thin nozzles like posted earlier. I use this to blow out my SXS CVT's.
  3. Anyone else see @jeep tweet "40.4" today? Guesses as to what it means?

    Lower Forty is becoming a reality. 392 2 door on 40's.

    I am 839 05/07. Hoping I get some delivery date soon. Need to talk with dealer.
  5. 392 real world MPG

    I have a feeling your mileage will get better with a few more tanks through it.
  6. Is there a JL truck conversion out there yet?

    I wish they made a Jeep like these Broncos. Has backseats, convertible, truck tailgate, turns into a truck bed...
  7. 35 inch tires going on, wheel question

    Can't wait to hear the snow and ice reports from these tires.
  8. 35 inch tires going on, wheel question

    Looks good but are you sure it's the weight you're feeling and not the tire size to gearing ratio?
  9. Half Doors and Aftermarket Soft Top?

    Contact Besttop and see what they say and report back here.
  10. 4 cylinder mode and MPG?

    Who knows. I bet if you put the 392 on a dyno it also has 470RWHP. Underrating is the new black.
  11. Advice: OEM half doors vs aftermarket tube doors???

    I'd go with the factory half doors. They look the best and can do both with the supplied removable uppers.
  12. Is anyone worried about that low hanging oil drain plug on the 392?
  13. Is anyone worried about that low hanging oil drain plug on the 392?

    Took a look at this. I wonder why they didn't make the transition from the oil pan move upward into the body after the pan and also why is there a lip on the driver's side for exhaust.
  14. How many miles did you put on your Wrangler year one?

    20K and I have multiple vehicles that also get used.
  15. 4 cylinder mode and MPG?

    19.1 with the 392 while in the 4 cylinder mode?