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  1. Lifted Sport/Sahara with 33's

    I've had this same internal battle. Think I've settled on Rubicon springs a d call it a day. I'd rather not go to 35s as that's where people start suggesting regears and new rims and whatnot.
  2. Lead Times

    They shouldn't charge your credit card until it actually ships.
  3. DFW Noob new to the forums

  4. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    DV8 has one that looks similar, and there's a thread in the Exterior Mods subforum with links to am Amazon knockoff for $450 that forum users have actually bought/installed with good reports.
  5. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    What bumper bar is that?
  6. NEW 21' JLR paint Quality Control issues...

    At worst, that (manufacturing defects on a factory-installed part) should easily be covered under your warranty.
  7. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    Keep in mind that's the overall Jeep brand handle. Yes, it *could* be Wrangler related, but it could just as easily be related to anything else, from other specific vehicles to an overall brand thing.
  8. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Has anyone put a different bar on this? I'd like it to be a little taller.
  9. Show off your Tailgate Tables!

    Hot damn I love this so much. The color is perfect and I love the bottle opener.
  10. 4XE tax credit to $12,500?

    Well damn, lol. If I'd known I could get the dealership to apply the tax credit at the point of purchase, I'd have gone for the 4xe. Oh well.
  11. What options are causing delays?

    There are already two threads that have a lot of discussion on this: - Gorilla Glass is widely accepted as the cause of most delays. Current rumors point to July 6th as when those...
  12. Amazon Prime Day 2021

    If you bought it on Amazon they'll adjust the price, or you can just return it and order a new one.
  13. Pros/cons of the 2" Mopar lift installed from the dealer

    Yeah I drive vehicles till they hit 200K, typically, so same. I've also been telling myself that while I love my truck and it's been a great vehicle, I'm getting a Jeep because I want something different, so if I get the Jeep and immediately try to make it into my truck, I've defeated the whole...
  14. Pros/cons of the 2" Mopar lift installed from the dealer

    I'm coming from a 3" lifted GMC Sierra on 33s, and I'd like to keep the same ride height. Here's what I'm doing (I ordered my Sahara Altitude last week) I have ~$3K set aside, reserved specifically for "ride": wheels, tires, lift, suspension, etc. Obviously not enough to do all of it, but...
  15. Make the JEEP Toledo factory a tourist destination!

    True, but it's not like Bowling Green is a destination, either, lol.
  16. Make the JEEP Toledo factory a tourist destination!

    When I was in college me and three friends road tripped to Bowling Green to do the tour and museum. As a lifelong Corvette fan, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I still follow the museum on Facebook. All of this would be really cool, and yes, it could also all easily be...
  17. Pros/cons of the 2" Mopar lift installed from the dealer

    Note that there are tons of reports of people actually getting closer to 3-3.5" from this lift. Probably fine if you were going for 35s anyways, but good to note.
  18. Who ordered their JL

    Ordered my JLUSA (Sahara Altitude) earlier last week. I'd have been fine with a Sahara but by the time I loaded it up, the Altitude was only $400 more but has all the black badging/accents that I was going to do anyways, plus it comes with the headliner. Easy choice.
  19. Ride Comfort - Sahara vs Rubicon

    The Sahara trim was introduced specifically for your use case - primarily on-road, with occasional off-road. Not to say a Rubicon is a bad choice, just saying that for the use case you described. Also, keep in mind that unless you get the tan leather, the Rubicon comes with a red dash and red...
  20. Ordering Proximity Keyless Entry

    Keep in mind also that the online configurator is well-known for being inaccurate, buggy, and out-of-date. It still shows Chief on there and doesn't show Gecko, etc. Use it as a general guide, but ultimately, it'll come down to what the dealer is actually able to input. So it's worth a...