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  1. Flat towing or Trailer?

    I used to trailer a car behind the motorhome. I visit numerous state parks and many private parks. Trailering is nice going down the road plus you can back up if needed. One of the disadvantages of trailering is sometimes finding a place to drop the trailer. Once, I had to drop my trailer...
  2. Key Fobs…. Why so long to receive from factory?

    I had to order a spare fob last year for my 2020. It took about two weeks to come in. As mentioned, it's the chip shortage that's causing a delay. I've "heard" that some Jeeps are coming with only one fob and an IOU for the second. I don't know if that's true or not.
  3. Where to purchase a key and program?

    Only time I had to replace a key about a year ago. I had to order if from the dealer and the dealer did the programming.
  4. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    Wife ducked another Wrangler this morning. She enjoys doing it. The Wrangler owner came to their Jeep while we were loading up to leave. The owner was thrilled to get ducked. To those who don't want to get ducked, I'd recommend placing stickers on your jeep that state Do Not Duck or you could...
  5. Need Help: Lights not working when Flat Towing

    It seems several others have had problems with this harness. To be honest I know nothing about the factory toad/towing harness. I used an aftermarket harness that I had to splice in at the tail, marker and brake lights. I'm assuming the factory tow harness has diodes. I wonder if they are wired...
  6. Backup Camera issues

    As mentioned. Since the problem started when you installed the spare cover, take it back off and see if the problem goes away. Just realized the OP's thread sorta got hijacked. Sorry OP. This should have been a seperate thread.
  7. Anyone install ball mount above mirror?

    Very nice install. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Backup Camera issues

    When you installed the spare tire cover. The cover or something on the cover is blocking one of your backup sensors. It should be easy to spot.
  9. Gas mileage not what was expected

    The computer on my 2020 2.0 JRLR always shows higher mileage than hand calculated. So far out of the last 4 tanks of fuel, all hand calculated and averaged together I'm getting 22.6 mpg with 87 octane. I drive a few mph over the posted speed limit on the highway. My mileage is combined driving...
  10. What to do after Wrangler rollover?

    With today's thinking, that should do the trick.
  11. What to do after Wrangler rollover?

    You rolled it 4 times? All I can say is Wow...
  12. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    Bravo sir. I wish there were more law enforcement like you out there. I traveled I-10 out of Houston to east of Lake Charles almost weekly for 8 years until I retired. As anyone traveling often on that highway can tell you, the traffic is terrible more often than not. Drivers cruising in the...
  13. Flat towing ignition mode?

    WE are running almost identical setup's. Difference is, I'm using a Roadmaster tow bar.
  14. Just got my 2020 Rubicon Unlimited. When I press brake pedal I hear a loud hiss...

    I would suppose the noise is from the brake booster. I'd assume it is the booster receiving more vacuum to replace what you used when you applied the brake pedal.
  15. How are your seats holding up?

    I prefer leather over cloth. I'll get cloth seats stained one way or the other. Cloth may be cooler in summer and I live in Louisiana. But, I like the looks and feel of leather.
  16. Warranty question

    I would change the oil at 5k. The first oil change should be after the first few thousand miles. It is considered a break in oil change. There will be wear particles in the oil. When I worked the field for an oilfield company, I was in charge of a fleet of industrial engines among other things...
  17. Sky One-Touch Power Roof owners - would you get it again?

    In regards to the Hothead liner, I wonder if the trapped heat between the liner and SOT would shorten the life of the SOT top? I remember something about adding insulation to the underside of a roof that caused shingle life to be reduced. Just wondering if the same principle would apply to the SOT?
  18. FNG

    Welcome to the addiction and thanks for your service.
  19. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    I've been following this thread but have yet to comment. I say, get what you want the most. I've been down this road a number of times in life. Most everytime I bought something less than what I really wanted, it seems that I always regretted not getting what I really wanted in the first place.