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  1. Tail light cracks in housing on 2018 JLU's?

    I have LEDs and no cracks. Certainly it's due to the design difference between non-LED lights.
  2. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I'm in a similar boat. I'm on my 3rd Jeep (2nd Rubicon), and the previous two had plenty of off-roading and damage to keep it real, but now that I'm in my 40's and my Rubicon is a daily driver, I'm keeping it to light trail rides only. Luckily, I live in East TN so mountain rides are in my...
  3. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    The warranty/recall work for the steering dampener. It is supposed to help with the roaming/wobble issues.
  4. Best Bolt-On Air Intake for JL 3.6L?

    Like previously mentioned, I'm not sure I could really do it justice, as I'd be recording from within the cabin as I drive down the road full throttle. At least in my case, the sound of intake (which is significant at full throttle) would be drowned out by my Borla exhaust. The Borla fires up...
  5. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I know I'm buried in a 375+ page thread here, but I just had the warranty work done yesterday on the steering. I've got 30k miles on my 2018 JL and while I definitely had some play/wobble, it wasn't enough to make me truly worry. That said, I got an oil change and a tire rotation, and my...
  6. Best Bolt-On Air Intake for JL 3.6L?

    I got the S-type Axel-back in black. Friggin' love the sound it makes. Zero drone also at any speed, just like they said. I've had several strangers comment on the exhaust note.
  7. Best Bolt-On Air Intake for JL 3.6L?

    Do you mean the sound where it's like the intake is sucking in big air before the engine gets RPMs up? If so, I can say that I haven't noticed that on the Jeep. I mainly notice the lack of dampening from the old intake. This one lets the engine breathe more freely, and it's just louder in...
  8. Strange, new "blemish" on fender. (Photos)

    Epic thread resurrection! The spot on my fender is juuuuuuuust about faded into oblivion, but not quite. I have to look for it now though, so I'm no longer bothered by it. I'm still clueless as to what it was, but it seems to be going away. Man, I love the white color on these JL's, but a...
  9. The Moose is Loose!

    I'm seriously debating on peeling off my "Wrangler" stickers also. That one decal just looks like like it's a policy add-on and not part of any design.
  10. Jeep wave at Gladiators?

    That one line had me rolling. :LOL:
  11. ○||||||○ JEEP WRAP ○||||||○

    As a career Graphic Designer with 20+ years experience...I can say that I love that design!
  12. Door Closes Sub-Flush - Paint Damage

    Mine did it also. I took a torx drive to the striker plate on the body and adjusted it "ever so slightly" toward the outside of the Jeep, and the door now fits flush instead of being sucked in a little. From what I can tell, when the door was closed, it didn't rub, but when it was SLAMMED shut...
  13. Number of miles on Odometer new.

    Mine had roughy 6 if I remember correctly. Special ordered and whatnot, which disallows any test drives from other customers, at least at my dealership.
  14. Old special editions and trim levels?

    Just started following your Instagram. I had no idea there was an entire group dedicated to the JP Jeeps. Very cool specialty club for Jeeps!
  15. Old special editions and trim levels?

    Ha! Nice. I just went to his profile page, and while his virtual garage is empty, I noticed his website is the one I linked to by pure coincidence. I love the Jeep community.
  16. Old special editions and trim levels?

    Fingers crossed! I actually used Jeff Goldblum from that exact commercial as my avatar when I joined this forum. Only recently I changed it to the artwork (done by a local artist) of my Jeep with my wife and I in it. :)
  17. Old special editions and trim levels?

    Holy smokes check out this website. This is seriously a life goal for my wife and I:
  18. Old special editions and trim levels?

    I love the special editions, but I really hope they stick with one per year. It got to where the special editions outnumbered regular trim levels, which to takes it out of being a “special” Jeep. I personally reeeeeeeally wanted a Smoky Mountain edition because I live in the Smokies, but it...
  19. Woa there's a dark mode on this site

    Not all heroes wear capes! Excellent find! Many of the emojis are whack in dark mode, but that's a small price to pay for freedom. :flag:
  20. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    I can't remember if I replied here or not, but my black system was mounted for a couple months in late 2018 and it started flaking/peeling on the tips like other peoples' systems. I told Borla and they responded with a new system in early January. I'm proud to report that 6 months about 10k...