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  1. I think I purchased too much Jeep?

    I too was looking for a Rubicon when looking for a new JL, however I began thinking I would never use its capabilities so went with the Sahara. I did have the dealer install their Mopar 2” Lift and bigger tires. I have no regrets. I do agree with most on this post to keep the Rubi and enjoy it!
  2. Bent premium soft top rod

    I purchased both a bearing and battery terminal puller. The bearing puller will not fit behind the arm so do not bother with it. The terminal puller fits but not strong enough to pull the arm off by itself, however if you use the battery terminal puller and crank it up as much as you can then...
  3. 5th bow arm removal

    Hi, Broke the bow arm on my soft top and have a replacement but can’t get the arm separated from the the lift mechanism. Any thoughts?