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  1. Question about disengaging front and rear lockers

    As they get worn in it sometimes will become faster. The locker can’t be under a bind or it won’t disengage. Sounds like it’s acting normal.
  2. Power Mirrors and Lock Not Working

    Look at the pins on the door connectors. I bet they are bent. That’s what happened to mine. I don’t know how more people aren’t having this problem. The really small pins don’t line up well and get bent very easily.
  3. Best practice - manual shifting for few miles after cold start

    With modern engines and the synthetics in the jl as soon as the oil gets through the engine I wouldn’t worry about it. Give it 30 seconds after to start it to let things circulate. I wouldn’t redline it while not at operating temps but 3k will not hurt a thing.
  4. Warning light after re-installing doors

    Guarantee it is a bent pin in the front door harness. It will be on the body side one of the smaller pins. I have had mine bend both times. I think it is gonna be an ongoing issue.
  5. Bent Door Connector

    On the body side it will bend the smaller pins. All the major door functions work ( windows and locks) as they at the bigger pins. Usually I have to mess with the pins to get the power mirrors to work.
  6. Bent Door Connector

    I have had my doors off 2 times and every time I plug them I seem to bend them a little. I have been very careful. Did not have this problem with the back connectors or my jk. Is anyone else having this issue. I can’t imagine I am the only one.
  7. iOS 12 and CarPlay

    Mine took longer to pull up after the ota but still works
  8. No Backup Camera after Update

    Did the ota and the wife drove the Jeep today and swears the back up camera worked. I get in it and 2 times the camera only has a black screen. I am assuming this is a software issue since I haven’t had a problem before. How does the camera connect so I can check wires and is anyone else...
  9. Sun Shade

    Looking for sun shade options. Needs to be full coverage for an unlimited and not be taken off for hardtop reinstall. Pics are great let me see them. Designs would be cool but do t want to break the bank but don’t mind paying for quality.
  10. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Would there not be something special inside the fob itself.
  11. JLU Rubicon Auto: 35" and 37" - Regearing Math

    In my opinion it has nothing to do with crawl ratio. It’s all about maintaining highway speed without high rpms or shifting all over the place.
  12. How well does BLD (brake lock differential) really work?

    Its no locker but is pretty good. Just hold a steady throttle and let it go it’s thing.
  13. How Long

    Got a call today. Thinks it’s the body control module but it won’t be here for 3 weeks.
  14. Rear power windows not working

    Going through an issue with power mirrors and a lock button. They say mine is the body control module but won’t know for sure until it comes in but on back order for 3 weeks.
  15. Power Mirrors and Lock Not Working

    Really hope it does not come to that. Just want it fix but plan on doing some research just in case
  16. Power Mirrors and Lock Not Working

    UPDATE Dealer called and said they believe that is the body control module. Only problem is the control module is not available until September 4. I called jeep cares to see if they can get me a part quicker and they told me pretty much they don’t care. I love my jeep but this service...
  17. How Long

    My jeep is been in the shop for approximately a week for an electrical issue. I don’t think they really cared because I told him I did not need a rental car. I picked up a rental car today hoping that they will get on My Jeep. When I went by today to check they were actually working on it in...
  18. Power Mirrors and Lock Not Working

    I guess if you hit something with it. I don’t go that hard lol.

    I feel you. They are stumped about my power mirrors. If I didn’t like Colorado trails as much as I do I would have another vehicle.
  20. Power Mirrors and Lock Not Working

    Just got an update They can get the mirrors to work when plugged into their test computer they can move both of the mirrors. But still can’t get the mirror to move by the button. Waiting on what to do next from corporate