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  1. Rubicon Going To 35s

    315/17/70 bfg ko2s on stock Rubicon wheels with no lift (yet) on 21 JLURD. Load range e. No concern with tire width as it fit specs and no rubbing even flexed. Have aired down and run off road (rocks etc) no issues. Good on highway too and in snow. Want the lift for extra breakover clearance.
  2. DEF filling station

    I get mine bulk at the pump at Buc-ees and QT here in North Texas for my JLURD. Half the cost of the boxes.
  3. SOLVED - No volts on interior battery wire (aux switch bank)

    Thanks I'll put the right one back in. The left column amperage was right next to the middle column fuse number. A line would really help there lol!
  4. SOLVED - No volts on interior battery wire (aux switch bank)

    Resolved- fuse F72 goes to that wire. Fuse box specifies 30 amp fuse and there was a 10 amp fuse there instead. replaced with a spare 25 amp and everything is working now! Does anyone know why I may have no volts on the red/white wire under the passenger side dash? It worked a couple months...
  5. EcoDiesels in the wild?

    Two together yesterday. There are a few of us in North Texas
  6. CEL - P04DB resolved

    It actually has to do with the crankcase vent hose being disconnected. Having an air filter remove would cause the same net effect as too much air is getting into the crankcase. Some other folks have reported that there's came on due to too much oil in the crankcase.
  7. CEL - P04DB resolved

    Yeah well :facepalm:. The service advisor did try to give me a loaner and I insisted it was a quick and easy fix somewhere. Once jeep wave is up I know where mine is going, and it isn't a dealer :)
  8. CEL - P04DB resolved

    Just putting this out there for posterity. Had my 20k service done last Thursday at a local dealer and the a CEL later that day. Cleared it and came back the next day. P04DB. Researched and figured either wrong oil or too much, or a hose got disconnected. Nope.. they forgot to reinstall...
  9. Southeast fuel shortage...

    That was me during the Texas snow storm earlier this year!
  10. Texas 2021 Rubicon Take Off Wheels 10k miles

    Complete set of 5 wheels and tires, 10k miles. Tpms sensors included. Located in Rockwall. Will post pics later. $750 obo
  11. Android Auto DAC Sound Quality and 8.4

    Has anyone found a good solution to play music with native Android Auto apps (Tidal, TuneIn) without running them through USB Audio Player Pro? I understand the Samsung s10 and s20 passes an uncompressed, unprocessed signal, but I can seem to find a good way to not make it sound flat, quiet...
  12. Show Your Badges of Honor On Your Rig

    Just getting started ('21 JLURD)
  13. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    One more reason to love the diesel.. no gas! Walmart in Royse City, TX
  14. North Texas Jeep Club Supports Healthcare Workers

    Wanted to share this story (link below from WFAA in Dallas) I became a part of this week. With the weather conditions, several folks (definitely not me) put together a service for North Texas Jeep Club members to give free rides to health care workers in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area...
  15. Filler Neck Adapter

    I've had to use mine with truck pumps a couple of times. Glad we have it!
  16. Diesel GVWR Limiting Factors?

    Does anyone know for sure (and in what order / rating) what limits the GVWR in a JLURD? With our payload capacities on the lower end of things, if more capacity (or peace of mind) is needed, what's first? I.e. suspension up to x#'s before looking at drive shafts, axles, etc. Thanks in...
  17. Oklahoma 4 door Gobi Stealth rack and accessories

    Pm sent. I'm in dfw
  18. Anyone running 35s or 315/70R17s stock?

    Good deal. If you're in DFW, the North Texas Jeep Club (NTJC) is extremely active