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  1. In the market for a new Jeep JLU

    You prefer vanilla or rocky road?
  2. Fog Lights Flicker

    I seem to recall seeing people with similar issues making sure their fuses were all seated well and that helped. Worth a try anyway.
  3. Perception vs Reality

    In Middle Tn you can easily reach Land Between the Lakes, Daniel Boone National Forest, Big South Fork, Great Smokey Mountains National Park and things like Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway, a backroad Georgia traverse and the Transamerica Trail which is mostly non paved roads from North Carolina...
  4. JL rear lift glass not available?

    Work with your insurance company to get it done. I busted mine day 2 and the $50 deductible saved my arse. Dealer gave me same problems.
  5. Perception vs Reality

    Sounds like you may be an "overland" family. Lots of reading you can do on what overlanders do instead of "wheeling". There are tons and tons of fun offroad experiences around you where you won't be out breaking stuff constantly. You don't need a pricey roof tent or fridge necessarily, and you...

    Hmmm, ever wonder why they don't come in 20"???
  7. Baja Designs Dome & Rock Light | Update!

    How exactly do these dome lights connect to power?
  8. Keeping windshield clean

    Forget that, what about the inside of windshield?
  9. Ride with mopar lift

    Why oh why buy a Mopar lift when there are much better options out there?
  10. FCA Projects 2019 JL Sales Down from 2018

    I think FCA jumped the shark a bit on pricing for sahara and rubicon. I think offering some different colors amd packages could help, and fixing some of the issues wouldn't hurt either. Swallowing the 50k price is rough, but add 10k in mods and it's pushing it given the steering and uconnect...
  11. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    I have a red alienshade for the front. I have not noticed additional heat or thought the red was overpowering at all. I doubt I will ever take it off.
  12. Stock Wrangler?

    I admit that when i see a soccer mom driving a 7 year old JKU that has clearly never even had the hardtop off, I cringe. It's not the lack of mods that bother me, but a grand cherokee would have been a better choice for their lifestyle. I just don't understand buying a machine that is made to...
  13. For those of you who were disappointed with the Tan interior, will you be getting Black instead?

    A darker mahogany brown could look good with some of the exterior colors, but this tan looks horrendous to me. Looks like a bad afterthought against all the black plastic.
  14. | Worst MOD | The one MOD that really grinds your gears |

    I will join the crowd aghast about lowering a wrangler. It is like putting a lift on a corvette. I also do not really like 400 colors of LED blinking rocklights and prefer just white, but do not mind a small amount of one color LED accent lighting. I could be too old, though. I will say...
  15. With or without bull bar

    To each his own, but if you need to push a bull out of the road one day, you'll be happy you have one! I guess on mall crawlers it's called a shopping basket bar ;)
  16. Has Jeep Cares or Jeep Wave escalations actually helped you?

    Jeep Cares did help me get a couple issues fixed that the dealer claimed was not under warranty but damn well should be. I have not had any mechanical issues, but I had a water pump blow out on a brand new challenger a couple years ago and the fix took several weeks due to backorder parts. I...
  17. Top down with kids?

    Sunglasses helps.
  18. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    I liked it. I only wish they had shown more Jeeps, particularly driving together like in the tunnel. Jeep does embody the American spirit and it's a shane they didn't show that with shots of what people get out and do with them more.
  19. Broken trim piece in rear (holds washer fluid/electrical with top off)

    I actually tried to get this fixed at dealership today and was told it is NOT covered under warranty. I cannot explain how much this pisses me off.
  20. Giveaway of the Month - January 2018 -- JL Wrangler M220 Rear Diff Skid Plate

    I love the quality and look of Metalcloak products and hope to get a set of fenders sometime soon. Obviously, your skid plates have a great reputation and there is no telling what I might break without them. Thank you for the chance to win.