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  1. After market parts to reduce cleaning effort

    ^^I’m with this dude. A top would help…
  2. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Pretty simple here. Home Depot for the win. (My JK doors).
  3. Would you spend money on mods on a leased JL?

    Do what ever you want to it. Lift the damn thing 10’ off the ground and put 75” tires on it. just return it to stock when you turn it in…. who cares if it’s a lease or not.
  4. Factory Ordering a Sport S, What Should I Cut?

    I would personally cut the safety group and remote key. i understand the half doors are expensive. I would get them…
  5. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    who doesn’t like naked….✌️😑✌️
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    I love that dark saddle on the white!! Jealous as hell…
  7. Michigan Roll bar covers/padding

    Dang. Figured they would.
  8. Michigan Roll bar covers/padding

    google “dirty dog roll bar padding”. You will find what you are looking for..
  9. What happened with ROAM offroad?

    LOD. No question. Very similar design. And a great company from what I have heard on these forums.
  10. Can't decide between these two.........

    Method gets my vote
  11. Broken, then stripped diff cover install.

    If it’s not leaking I would think it’s totally fine to drive. ugh. 4mo old….
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have them and very pleased with them. Would recommend to anybody wanting sill guards.
  13. What first? Lift or camping essentials?

    I voted camping gear. It would get you out and about, camping sooner. your jeep in stock form will take you many places where a lift and tires aren’t needed!!
  14. The dealership ordered the wrong Jeep!!???!

    I have read through the pages and already left one comment. OP. Beware of the trolls. Do not feed or pet.
  15. The dealership ordered the wrong Jeep!!???!

    Mistakes happen. Order another. Be a jerk and ask for free all weather mats. Haha
  16. How does the JL ride and drive compared to the JK?

    understood. Both were stock. I have read enough about the JL wandering issues. I understand it needs LCAs. It will happen some day.