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  1. How close is you Warn Zeon 10 to grille?

    I needed to get on the road and drive north, so I left it. If I ever have to pull my bumper or winch, I’ll probably do that.
  2. How close is you Warn Zeon 10 to grille?

    Heh. Yep. And both Ocean Blue. I have no problems on width. But I have no room front and back. I can cut the backside of the frame horns and maybe get 1/4” clearance from the grill.
  3. How close is you Warn Zeon 10 to grille?

    I said mine is touching. RockHard bumper with integrated plate, it touches front and back.
  4. How close is you Warn Zeon 10 to grille?

    Touches both the frame horns and the grill...
  5. EZTRUNK for JL install?

    Interested in this as well. Looking at their instructions, I think you’re right. The instructions show the only 2Dr pictures I’ve seen, and it seems like if the seat is in use, the trunk’s back panel is at least up/against the seat. You might be able to keep it against the seat back and the top...
  6. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I've noticed location really matters on things like other Jeep owners waving back. I bought my Sport in the DC area. Virginia, Georgia, and Texas, most people waved first or back. Heber City (Park City), no one waved. Oregon, no one waved until I installed a winch, and then everyone did. I...
  7. EZTRUNK for JL install?

    I see pieces that appear to be part of a lock and two keys connected with a rubber band?
  8. EZTRUNK for JL install?

    In addition to the quick access of small items, it also allows you to stash or grab small items in privacy. For example, stashing a concealed carry weapon when you’re about to enter a building where you can’t carry.
  9. Stinger Replacement Head Unit & PAC Install Kit

    Cool, that answers everything for me. I'm not sure if I want a 10" screen. Either way, I would definitely use the integration kit. I've been waiting for the kit's release; when I've asked dealers and distributors, they've said it's not available yet.
  10. Stinger Replacement Head Unit & PAC Install Kit

    Thanks! The Elev8 is an 8" screen; the Heigh10 is a 10" screen. Other than that, is there any difference in capabilities of either headunit? Does Heigh10 have better audio/more output options, does Elev8 not have a glare-resistant screen, does Heigh10 have better memory/CPU, more USB, etc? I...
  11. Stinger Replacement Head Unit & PAC Install Kit

    Still planning on an Elev8 kit? Aside from screen size and button locations, what is the difference between the Elev8 and Heigh10?
  12. Ohio Diode Dynamics 7443 XP80 Reverse LED

    If you have incandescents, these are a good upgrade. Before I could barely see anything in reverse; after, I’ve had no problems.
  13. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    I'll be up here for the foreseeable future. Feel free to visit (and bring some Rubicon takeoffs/KO2s ;) ). Alaska doesn't even have a staging area in this forum last I looked, and I have never seen anything in the marketplace here 4 things total have been posted in the marketplace. (Edited to...
  14. Auto start/stop rant

    What are you implying? I got a Jeep to carry sensitive equipment to remote areas to study sea level rise, waves, and coastal erosion. My Jeep is certainly doing its part to save the planet.
  15. Auto start/stop rant

    This is my main complaint with it -- especially with a 6 speed. Blower off, just sitting, it won't last 30s. Blower on, less than 10s.
  16. Auto start/stop rant

    I actually believe in man-made global warming. If you go back to what I quoted and replied to, it was that scientists have nothing to gain. There is something to gain in their overwhelming consensus. There's *always* something to gain, and pure science for science's sake is nearly a myth...
  17. Auto start/stop rant

    Unfortunately this isn't accurate. Researchers at universities are pressured to get grants and publish to enhance the prestige of their university. Their jobs are at risk if they do not have tenure. What gets published is up to editors; what gets grants is up to politicians (not always but...
  18. Rhino Rack Backbone WITH Maximus-3 Roof Ladder

    You do need to drill into the top of the tub. You can infer this in Frogger's pictures. Can't comment on the spacers other than if the height of the platform is different between Maximus's and the backbone, you will need to make up the difference. Frogger's pictures indicate they aren't needed.