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  1. Diabolical Visor Shelf Feedback?

    Well.....we're waiting.......
  2. Seat Cover Suggestions?

    I installed the Bartacts on my 2008 and now my new jeep. Can't beat them. Love them and how functional they are....
  3. Another Uconnect Update

    Well I haven't lost my backup lines since the update
  4. Another Uconnect Update

    Pulled into work today and when I shut off the Jeep I got notice of an update on my 8.4 uconnect. Anybody have any idea what this one entails???
  5. Just got home from Bronco event...

    FORD Found on range dead....
  6. Wrangler JL Wind Noise

    Turn up the radio...
  7. Auto Climate Control Problem

    Next time just pull fuse f97. That is the radio fuse.
  8. Jeep Wave Renewal

    Some stuff but nothing of any value imo...
  9. Jeep Wave Renewal

    Just got an e-mail to renew my Jeep Wave benefits on my 18. 3 oil changes and tire rotations for only a mere $275. Sounds fair to me....
  10. Outdoor Full Cover for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JL?
  11. Sunshade

    The sunshade will keep the interior of your vehicle significantly cooler. You still get the sun but not direct sunlight which will make the interior significantly hotter. This was the first mod that I did. It is still my wife's favorite.
  12. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    Keep your pimp hand strong brother...
  13. Need HELP with out of state purchase.

    I live in PA and bought 2 jeeps from Flemington Jeep in NJ. They give you a temp tag and once I received the registration I have to get it inspected in PA. If you are in NJ call them and negotiate with them on the phone.
  14. Gas Fumes very strong

    My strong gas fumes normally emanate from the drivers seat...
  15. Topless MPG vs With Top On MPG

    I get the same mileage whether or not I am wearing a shirt....
  16. Climate Control Not Working

    You could try a toothpick with alcohol on it and go around the outside of the switches. Or you could pull the switch panel out and see if you can access it from the back
  17. Climate Control Not Working

    Try pulling fuse F97 to reset the radio. That may make the climate controls to start working.
  18. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    I have this one. Works great...