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  1. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    I had the same thing happen to me on Saturday. Seat folded forward, would not go back. The cheap plastic piece was broken, so I had Chrysler tow it to the nearest dealer. yesterday they got the broken cheap plastic part ordered. Today I get a call saying now that the seat mechanism on the...
  2. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I had to abandon my 2019 JL 2 door sport at my in laws house. The plastic seat locking clip failed on the driver side when my wife went to put potato salad in the back seat. It cannot be driven since it is stuck in the old lady drives too close to the steering wheel position. I am highly...
  3. Removing doors and pants pockets review

    I was down the Jersey shore in the Cape May area and I seen everyone with their doors off. Having a 2019 2door sport, I'd figure that I would pull in the driveway of the house we were staying at and finally remove the doors for some naked fun. It was an easy process ( watch the door closer...
  4. Funny: shoulda bought a Gladiator??

    I have a 2 door JL Sport, I barely have room for the bag of screws to attach the trim!
  5. Anyone considering trading their JL for a JT Gladiator?

    I love the look, tow capacity, storage, truck bed AND the ability to ride topless. My lease is up in a year and a half, but my wife HATES the look of it. Plus, I live in the city with no garage and street parking so with the size of it, it's a no go. But I would rock the JT like theres no...
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I washed the Wrangler Sport today and even ArmorAll'd the tires, and since its Philly, I kept a social distance with the neighbors and walkers-by. She needed it, hasn't been washed in months. I have a question for youse ( it's a word). I used to use ArmorAll the interior and the fenders on my...
  7. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Did a Coronavirus supply run since Philly supermarkets were picked clean for everything. 90 miles for meat, eggs, pasta and cans. Toilet paper is nowhere to be found. Sometimes I wish we would have got the 4 door for the trunk space, but city parking would be a nightmare!
  8. The huge Jeep key fob issue solved (well maybe)

    I have a 2 door, and I can't even close the back door with it in there!
  9. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    What did I do with my Jeep today? I took her in for the dreaded DEATH WOBBLE. It started happening a couple of weeks ago, and was minor at first. But on Christmas Day, we traveled down a road that we've beed on a million times before, and anything going over 70 and riding over an overpass...
  10. Smittybilt Apollo Sliders with step, 2 door JL

    Is putting the SB logo on the units an option, or does it come from the factory like that?
  11. Do side view mirrors fold in?

    My wife uses the grab the front and use your forearm to fold it in. It's surprisingly a handy move!
  12. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Looked down the street to see where my wife parked it. Crazy, I know.
  13. Let talk 2 door JL

    Every time I mention to my wife that next time we should either go 4 door or Gladiator for the storage space, I get the nose crinkle. She's a hard core 2 door Jeep girl for life. 2 door = beast. 4 door = weird minivan. Gladiator = no parking spots lol
  14. Soft top and city living

    We are on our second soft top in 15 years ( just got back into a jeep this year) and my 98' only got broken into once in Philly. Not bad for having it for 8 years. Our new soft top JL, we have added a GPCA cover for the back to keep prying eyes out when we shop, and we don't treat the jeep...
  15. What was your previous daily driver?

    2016 Ford Fusion SE. Wife and I went into the Jeep dealership on a whim, and rolled out in a Stingrey 2 door sport. Fusion did get 32mpg on the highway, was dark grey with black 5 spoke rims and was power everything. I honestly don't miss it at all. Not many cars have the Autobot spark of...
  16. Is your 2dr a two seater?

    when my old 98' Jeep TJ became only my vehicle and not the family truckster, I permanently removed the seat and only returned it to its spot when I sold it. Our JL backseat stays in the flipped up mode most of the time in case we have to take more than just us two somewhere. I'm looking...
  17. Georgia Alien Sun Shade Orange

    taking offers?
  18. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    My wife calls the Sting Gray 2 door "the Baby" since she gets all the attention from both of us. I started calling the jeep "Baby Ray" because of the color, but I don't know if it is sticking more than just "The Baby". Im sure our actual kids are happy about all this...
  19. Sting Grey opinions?

    We have the Sting Gray and we like how the colors seem to change during the day. Some days it looks like a military Jeep. Some days it shines three shades lighter. Its a great color to have. Seen a Mojito this morning in Center City, and I think that color would wear on me after a while.