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  1. Source: $2500 Base Price Increase for JL Wrangler

    @Administrator any idea if the $2500 increase will be reflected up the entire model lineup all the way through the Rubicon Hard Rock?
  2. Should I wait for 2018 Wrangler?

    Interesting though. Have all the Jeep models been at full production capacity? If so, could help explain quality issues with brand overall.
  3. JL spotted in California!

    Good spot! But door was wide open for interior shot! :headbang: I don't spot anything on exterior that's revealing anything new.
  4. 2 Door information? Possible delay?

    This. The 4 door is no doubt a bigger profit generator. Just one look at how much a fully spec'd one runs at the dealer tells us that. And just like Jeep resisted changing up the JL so much from the JK because it's still selling so well, I don't think they're looking to change up the 2 door to...
  5. Wrangler sales down 7% in March but virtually even YTD

    Sales staying strong even though most people must know the new model is coming in Nov. :clap: And that right there is the reason the JL will be evolutionary and not revolutionary. Why mess up the sales trend.
  6. 2018 Wrangler ordering questions

    How long will it take until full production?
  7. Will the JL share the new uconnect infotainment? I hope so.

    What telemetry info will be displayed? And will it be displayed in the info display or connect screen? The Grand Cherokee has wheel angle and steering angle displayed in its LCD EVIC (attached pic). I would hope it's more info than this. Torque distribution, wheel slip, approach angle, etc...
  8. What color do you want for your JL/JLU/JT?

    I second this. Mango Tango absolutely pops in the sun!
  9. Will the JL share the new uconnect infotainment? I hope so.

    Anyone who goes with the JL's 5 inch base radio and wants to swap out for wireless Apple Carplay equipped aftermarket receiver, there should be several choices by time the JL comes out. Alpine iLX-107 (7" touch screen) will be the first one with wireless CarPlay...
  10. Toledo layoffs for JL Wrangler retooling

    "Laid off" employees means no benefits though. But I'm sure they'd rather get a paid 'sabbatical' with expectation of being hired again than permanently laid off.
  11. JL Press Launch Meter on home page...

    Just noticed we're now under 200 days on the countdown clock to press launch!
  12. Jeep chief Manley talks hybrid Wrangler and JT pickup

    Don’t we already know that both a mild hybrid and fully hybrid are coming? The chart posted months back shows it
  13. Received 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL hood by mistake

    Yes - to fit the new 8 speed transmission. Reason we haven't seen Wranglers updated with the 8 speed yet is it supposedly doesn't fit the current body.
  14. FCA Announcement Confirms Jeep Pickup Truck (JT)

    Nice drop before FCA even! Now tell us when and how much!!!
  15. JL Press Launch Meter on home page...

    Same here but this November seems like it would be too early. Just don't put up that JT countdown please, I might just give up and buy something else!
  16. How do I get JT Wrangler ASAP?

    I haven't bought a new car from dealer in a long time too but I know that some dealers (not necessarily Jeep) take a small deposit to get on a waiting list for highly anticipated cars so you might want to start calling around when the JT is first officially announced/revealed to see if anyone...
  17. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup mule?

    Thanks for sharing. Spare still mounted on the rear though :( Was really hoping for a side or undercarriage mount so the tailgate can swing down and not out. Was hoping for something like this
  18. JL Roof

    Maybe bolstering the existing pillars doesn't get us to the required strength and only a fixed steel roof meets the latest requirements?
  19. JL Roof

    New more stringent rollover regulations. Also not the most faultless design - many owners complained of leaks with roof on. Lastly, the hardtop wasn't easy to take off. The new top design should take care of these common complaints.
  20. Our New Jeep Wrangler (2018+) Unlimited and Pickup Preview Renderings

    That worries me too. The stubborn part of me still wants to think that there's no way they abandon the total open air experience. But the rumors seem to be pointing that way and no mules have shown otherwise yet :( If the reveal is really at Detroit in early Jan. then we should be seeing lots...