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  1. Tiny body panel clips. Please help

    Wonder if someone has the P/N or link to the larger ones. And yes, I looked. This link was helpful thank you.
  2. NEW! JL Front Camera offering - ZAutomotive 2/28/19

    Oh geez, there it was right in front of me the "hole" time. Focused on the box cutter pic and not the one next to it. LOL... thanks for the wake up.
  3. NEW! JL Front Camera offering - ZAutomotive 2/28/19

    Mini is installed, going for the camera install this weekend. If any one has pic of the grill cut before installing the camera, it would be greatly appreciated if they shared them. Just want to do this once. The only place I found directions were on the quadratec site, link below, are these...
  4. Upgrade from stock tires

    OP, am thinking your are in the wrong state, your locations say VA. The clue to me was, "all it does is rain." Not here in LV. Anyways, don't know what the deal is with dealerships but you should more than fine with 33's and no lift. Odds are you and your jeep are going to notice no difference.
  5. 2021 Jeep Ordering - crazy NV dealers

    Try Rick Stewart at Chapman, Hendersen. Internet sales... He also heads up Desert Wranglers which is sponsored by Chatman. Being in the SW, you will pay full price for just about any Wrangler. If you want deals you have to search other cities and work that angle.
  6. JLU cargo net enclosure source?

    Safari Straps, made in 'Merica. Have had their product for 10 plus years and still look brand new.
  7. Chapman Jeep in Henderson

    Rick Stewart, Internet Sales at Chapman Henderson. Either call and ask to speak with him or ask when you arrive. Rick also heads up Desert Wranglers which is sponsored by Chapman. Rick wheels a jeep as well. Albeit a TJ...
  8. And the saga continues

    If they are not already, get JeepCares involved. For some reason the dealerships respond a little better when they know corporate is looking over their shoulders.
  9. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    Am liking this install and glad I waited a bit so this kit could be developed. Couple of questions, when airing up do you open the panel above the compressor so it can "breathe" or leave it closed? If you leave it closed, how is the heat? Reason for asking this is because our recovery kit...
  10. Weathertech, quadratec, Mopar, or husky for floors?

    Have the mopar ones. Like the drains, fit and finish were perfect. My only gripe with the mopar units is their cargo area mat, it does NOT cover the entire floor area. IMO they should have made it so it covers fm wheel well to wheel well with accesses to the cargo hooks. Have a quadratec...
  11. XM/Sirrius Radio Keep or not to keep

    Kept ours. Out here in the desert and mountains, you run out of radio signals real quick.
  12. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    I like the ability to download/upload tracks to and fm the vehicle. The things about Jeep and their "tracks" page, have to restart it every time you get back in the jeep after starting the track, have to re-navigate to the page in the first place when you restart the jeep. No real easy way to...
  13. Doors in the back

    Gonna have to chose between doors and recovery gear food. Am thinking the doors lose.
  14. Hard top wind noise

    Interesting that the gap you have between the windshield and the "hoop" is not there. On my 19 there is about a 1/4" gap between the hoop and the windshield frame. Put my tape over this gap and the wind noise abated to the point where I could hear tire noise and the radio was set to 15 and...
  15. Hard top wind noise

    Joining the crew with this one. Gonna try and get the dealership to correct it. One of the earlier threads stated to just fix it yourself but, IMO that doesn't correct the deficiency at its source. Appt on 20JUL.
  16. Another unexpected cost of Jeep ownership - cleaning my driveway!

    Just smile while you are doing it. Our driveway and gutters were stained with the red mud of Utah for months. Not only that, stuff kept falling out for the next few months while washing it. Just smiled.
  17. How to install all-weather mats?

    Pics of the "bump". Also, recommend test fitting everything before final install because unless those instructions have changed, they are alot to be desired. That old saying, "measure twice cut once".
  18. Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot Series Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

    Ran their bumpers and skids on our well used JK, never an issue. Due to this experience with them, am putting RH products on our JLUR.
  19. Preferred air gauge/tire deflation tool?

    Have the Currie EZ deflator, similar to the ARB one. ARB now makes a digital version of the same deflator. For inflation use the ARB Digital. Like it so much, bought one for the home air compressor.
  20. Should i get a headliner?

    Get the liner. Not only does help with heat and cold, helps the acoustics some too.