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  1. Question for Bestop Sunrider owners

    Is it easy to remove the hardtop with the Sunrider installed? Can you?
  2. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    I think it could be.You would have to notch out where the bracket is.That would be better to do prior to Powder Coating.The bracket is for the Lithium Battery coolant lines. But why not just buy a Plate that fits?
  3. Baja Designs are Not JL Rubicon Install Friendly with their Harness

    Here is another option I found in a post somewhere on this forum.I purchased this but have not installed it yet Here is their description Easily connect additional daytime running (DRL) or standard marker lamps to your Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT with the Daytime Running Lamp Adapter...
  4. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    The Transfer-case skid Does Not Fit The 2 Door Rubicon Turbo. The main skid fits fine no issues plenty of pics and knowledge previously posted in this thread.
  5. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    You should start another thread to help your fellow 3.6 Brothers out
  6. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    I really appreciate all of your help they are going to credit for the bracket here is what they have said Thank you for all the photos and explanations – much appreciated. This is the first time that we are aware of this bracket on the JL vehicle. This is not assembled on any of the models...
  7. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    I am guessing the difference is mine is a 2 Door.It just will not fit.There is an extreme gap and the bolts will not reach.Even if they did the Skid would be at an extreme angle.Thanks for all of your assistance we will see what Asfir says.
  8. Baja Designs are Not JL Rubicon Install Friendly with their Harness

    Why don't you Post the schematic here?
  9. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Mine went right in the recycler
  10. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    I appreciate all of your input.I will look at it again today. The bolts did not appear to be long enough to accomplish that.
  11. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    On the Transfer Case Skid on my Turbo.There is a support bracket for some cooling lines and it must be removed.I do not see the risk reward for the TC skid.It really does not appear to provide any more protection from factory that coupled with cooling lines not secured means this will be going...
  12. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    OK So you have to drop that other factory rear skid and then bolt back up. The lack of instructions are ridiculous Thank You
  13. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Very helpful Thanks
  14. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Thank you On the 2 Bolts that attach the rear skid. Did you shim under the skid to even it out?Sorry hard to explain I can take a pic tomorrow
  15. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    There is a stud sticking down from the 13 MM nut .Did you do anything with that ?
  16. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    I agree with you.I can not install this I have No idea where the front brackets mount.I can not find a PDF or anything on the installation on their website or Google!
  17. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Can someone tell me where the Front Brackets attach for the Skid? There is only 1 sheet of an instruction and the crappiest picture I have ever seen. Their website Sucks! No PDF's No Install Instructions Nothing!
  18. Factory Alpine upgrade

    Is the amp under your passenger seat? And are those the tweeters from the New Alpines?Nice install did you just drill a hole for fitment? Any Regrets? I am considering the same set up but just unsure if I should have a different sub built for the back of my 2 door like JL Audio for the JK's
  19. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Are you leaving the stock Sub in place? Will you add power to it? I am looking to do the identical set up but maybe more power and not sure what to do about the sub enclosure
  20. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Did you install yet?I just ordered mine.If you did install can you take a pick of the crossmember you need to remove?